Tatyana Rodionova, SKOLKOVO School of Management graduate, entrepreneur 

We spoke with Tatyana Rodionova about her start-up in the sphere of 3D-fashion on business meeting organised by SKOLKOVO women’s association. This modern tendency of developing fashion industry has many directions. Tatyana focused on the idea of 3D-design and trying on the clothes on a virtual mannequin. This project moves our society to technological future and can completely change fashion industry: you will be able to dress up stylishly without leaving your house. 

- What project are you leading now? 

- I have a start-up in the sphere of 3D-fashion. This is an absolutely new and hot topic. Modern technologies even now allow us to completely change common process of individual tailoring. We scan the shape of the person, create virtual mannequin, construct the chosen design, and then do a virtual fitting. We don’t model the clothes because there are many ideas for it. The clients usually know what design they want. The advantage of the new technology is that we can create any design for any shape and it will suit well because outline frames are a development drawing of the shape. Secondly, you can look at yourself in these clothes beforehand and fix some things you don’t like. Then the outline frames are printed and the model is sewn in a normal order. There will be one real fitting just in case. 

- Has anybody tried these clothes yet? 

- My clients and I. It is not a secret that all people are asymmetric. Thanks to scanner, we can count all inflections of the body and make clothes for you that will not only look great but also be very comfortable like second skin. 

- You can change the whole fashion industry… 

- That is what I want. (Laughs). I want to live in a world where people would be able to scan themselves and get clothes they like without troubles and shops. 

- Do you want these scanners to be in every family? 

- There are such scanners available already. You can buy them or scan yourself in shopping centres and 3D printing studios. I think, the next generation of mobile phones will be with scanners. For today, we visit the client for scanning. Then we discuss the model, choose the fabrics, construct it, do a virtual fitting and sew it. 

- How many days does it take? 

- Now all the process takes about three weeks. Construction is the sore subject because we don’t have any specialists or programmes. Actually, we create a new profession. The virtual fitting also is an unsolved issue. Nevertheless, it is the most interesting thing – not to repeat after somebody but to create an innovation by ourselves. 

- How did this idea come to your mind? You don’t like going to shops, do you? 

- Of course, everybody solves their personal problems. I have a good but non-standard figure. I don’t like shopping. It disappoints me: either I don’t like cloth, or I don’t like design, or everything is right but does not suit me. A few years ago, I abandoned all hope and decided to sew by myself. Then I learnt about new technologies that were not popularised yet. 

- How long does your project exist? 

- I have been working it out for two years already but I started it up only two months ago. 

- Are there any analogues in the world? 

- I haven’t seen any. My project is an innovation not only in technologies but also in constructing the business process. Of course, 3D modelling, 3D constructing, and 3D printing are being used worldwide. They are used in mass production mainly. I want to realise these technologies in custom tailoring. 

- Do you practise the technical side of the project or only the organising one? 

- I had several lessons in 3D constructing; I also have experience in the traditional modelling. It is enough for now. I am not a fashion designer but a manager. I think, my task is to find and train the specialists I need. On this stage of the project, I am fully in charge of the process including the technical side. We solve the problems all together. 

- How much do these clothes cost? 

- We make high-quality expensive clothes. We use the best Italian textiles and high-class tailoring. IT aspect also increases the cost. However, there is no risk that you will not like the clothes or they will not suit you. Now we are working at cancelling all real fittings and full virtualisation of the process. There are many interesting technologies and we want to try them. For example, 3D printing of the clothes or using new textiles. The main idea is customisation: we create all products in a single copy only for you. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin