70% of the World Population Lives in Cities

70% of the World Population Lives in Cities

Participants of the women’s forum discussed the opportunities to improve the urban area 

The participants of the forum in Novokuznetsk discussed the opportunities to improve life in cities at the panel discussion ‘Favourable Environment for Living and Organisation of Urban Spaces. Role of a Woman in Changing the Urban Environment’. Establishment of creative spaces in the city, participation of women in this process, and the role of franchising in development of urban social sphere were among many issues in the focus of the meeting. 

As mentioned by Irina Makiyeva, Deputy Chairperson of the Vnesheconombank government corporation, Russia has vast experience in improving the urban environment. The ‘5 Steps of Improvement’ programme was implemented in all 319 mono-cities. This includes 1200 projects from installing benches to building new cultural and social facilities. 


According to co-moderator of the platform Sofia Trotsenko, founder and head of the largest in Russia Winzavod Centre of Contemporary art, 70% of the world population lives in cities today. 

When choosing the place of residence, people become increasingly guided by such factors as security, education and medicine accessibility, state of infrastructure, and the quality of urban spaces. 

John Calvin Weidman, architect of SB Development company, Yegor Bogomolov, head of KIDZ studio (Saint Petersburg), and Vera Ten, head of project team on the development of Comfortable Urban Environment initiative (Novokuznetsk), shared the examples of new approaches to creation of city spaces and building new facilities. 


As claimed by Yegor Bogomolov, one can easily spoil the city space if one doesn’t consider the opinion and needs of the citizens. He said: “It is necessary to conduct monitoring, deep research, and listen to different views”. 

Novokuznetsk has experience of successful implementation of projects with active involvement of citizens. The city has special platforms for discussion of programmes of development of the urban environment and improvement actions, which are popular among the residents of Novokuznetsk.

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Irina Makiyeva also paid special attention to the success of projects depending on the personnel’s qualification in managerial and business structures of cities. Platforms that provide necessary training have been established in the country. 

The participants of the discussion will formulate their suggestions in the outcome resolution of the forum. 

Tatyana Vorozhtsova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Forum

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov