The call for a new communication space based on the principles of responsibility for peace and sustainable development of the planet has greatly echoed in the hearts of women worldwide. These ideas formed the basis of the Memorandum published on our website. Anyone irrespective of nationality can join the Memorandum.




Every living person’s mission is to preserve peace on our planet. It can only be achieved with soft power, without arrogance and conflicts of interests.

Women of the world are the source of soft power. Women’s inner kindness gives birth to their aspiration to pass over our beautifully prosperous planet to their children. Our goal is to foster new generations able to love and create. Today’s world needs the new culture of thinking and acting, which cannot be achieved without information ecology.

Mass media largely shape the minds, relations, and actions of modern people. Their contemporary work is not just about fair reflection of reality, but also about showing ideas and initiatives aimed at sustainable development. Lack of media attention towards motivational, inspiring, and meaningful information leads to stress, illnesses, and instability.

We suggest creating a unified communicative space, which will bring people together without promoting discord, fear, and powerlessness.

We encourage the participation of all the mass media, information agencies, independent bloggers, and newsmakers ready to build a new communicative space. We call upon everyone who shares our values to join our memorandum. Our values are:

Global Marathon of Women’s Success Stories, which started on the website of the Eurasian Women’s Community, became the first step in actualising our intentions. The Marathon’s idea originated at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum and was included in its Outcome Resolution.

We encourage everyone interested to participate in the Global Marathon to share about their projects, achievements, aspirations, and dreams. Success stories will help those in need for support and motivation to take action.

We also suggest everyone who shares our ideas to place a symbol of a movement for responsible journalism on their pages, be they printed or digital. It will indicate your civil responsibility and affiliation with a new mass media trend.

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Please, provide your surname, name, post, and organisation (if you represent a legal entity) in the document. Then print the document, sign it, and send us a scanned copy to the following e-mail address:

We are also glad to state that Memorandum has already been signed by such well-known women as

Memorandum on Responsible Media Signed in Brussels