An Evening at the Planetarium

An Evening at the Planetarium

EWF participants find themselves in the epicentre of astronomical phenomena

Participants in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum visited Planetarium No. 1 as part of the cultural programme. Powerful projectors and multimedia technologies put the women in the epicentre of astronomical phenomena.

Screens under the dome of Russia’s largest old gas holder showed how the universe came into existence as well as the history of space exploration.

The guests listened to a lecture about Russia’s distinguished female cosmonauts, who had no fear of mastering a profession that many men are unable to do. The lecturer told them about Valentina Tereshkova’s flight and the career of Russian cosmonaut tester Elena Serova. The participants learned about what life is like on board a spaceship and what tricks help female cosmonauts to remain beautiful in weightless conditions, and they also saw a photo of a female cosmonaut’s typical cosmetic bag.

A performance by violinist Nikita Demin, whose music played as the participants in the Second Eurasian Women's Forum gazed up at the starry sky, left a strong impression on them.

The Forum’s cultural programme is full of events. On the opening day of the Forum, the women visited the Mariinsky Theatre, the second day concluded with an evening at the Planetarium, and the final day will wrap up with a trip to the Fountain Show.

Kristina Danilina,

Eurasian Women’s Community Information Agency