Anna Kudryavtseva About Supporting Youth in Science

Anna Kudryavtseva About Supporting Youth in Science

Young scientist in Russia: prestigious again? 

There are more and more talented young specialists in the sphere of science. Many of them are women. They achieve great results in their activity and inspire the whole world by their determination and vigour. Anna Kudryavtseva, young scientist and the head of laboratory, told about support young researchers get in Russia. 

Anna Kudryavtseva - Head of postgenomic studies laboratory to the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, PhD in Biology, laureate of the Presidential Award in the Sphere of Science and Innovations for the Young 2016. 

According to Anna Kudryavtseva, today society has come to understanding of the great importance of science for the development of Russia and the world. Era of digitalisation requires more and more specialists able to create innovative hi-tech products and improve those already created. Besides, Anna mentioned that certain part of discoveries especially in the sphere of exact sciences were made by young scientists. 

“Building staff capacity and involvement of more young people into science will provide scientific breakthroughs in future and allow Russia remaining competitive in the world arena”, thinks Anna Kudryavtseva. 

Nowadays the main task is to accelerate the process of staff’s scientific maturation. Anna is sure it is important to let young specialists lead projects. That will teach them to be responsible and help become self-confident.

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Anna is the bright example of a talented young scientist successfully heading the postgenomic studies laboratory to the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology. 

According to Anna, it is needed to create attractive working conditions for people who are interested in research to improve the image of science. She suggested correcting the system of education considering the fact that the demand for the scientists is growing and optimising the system of schoolchildren’s professional orientation by aiming it at finding talented children who would express themselves in science as leaders. 

Nowadays there is a tendency of ‘rejuvenation’ of science in Russia. That happened due to the strong grant support of young scientists from the state and public organisations. 

Russian Foundation of Basic Research and Russian Science Foundation realise programmes in that direction. Talented specialists can win the Presidential Award for the Young Scientists and various prizes of the regional level. Much attention is paid to not only financial support but also creation of comfortable working and living conditions in Russia. For example, there is a housing programme for the young scientists. 

According to Anna, the society has realised the significant role of women in science. 

L’Oreal UNESCO initiative has been acting in Russia for 11 years already. Ten talented women scientists annually receive support within the framework of the programme and the whole world learns about their research. Many talented young scientists work in laboratory headed by Anna. Most of them are women. 

There are three laureates of the Presidential Award, four laureates of the national L’Oreal Award, and five laureates of the Government of Moscow Award among scientists of the institute, under which the laboratory works. That is a bright example of success in science depending not on gender or age but on passion and determination. 

“My grandmother said that ‘the one who doesn’t want will find an excuse, and the one who wants will find an opportunity’. If you really want something, you can overcome any obstacle. 

It is prestigious to be a scientist. 

Today this profession is open for women and the youth. Everyone should understand that everything depends on them and their desire to reach the set goals”, concluded Anna. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin