BRICS: Involving Women in Economy

BRICS: Involving Women in Economy

Anna Nesterova on digitalisation opportunities 

Novokuznetsk’s ‘Role of Women in Developing Industrial Regions’ forum held an expert session called ‘BRICS: Economic Agenda for Inclusive Growth in the Digitalisation Era’. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russia Federation supported the meeting. Anna Nesterova, Head of the Russian Working Group on the Digital Economy at the BRICS Business Alliance, moderated the discussion. 

Anna Nesterova - Founder and Chairperson of the board of Global Rus Trade, Head of the Russian Working Group on the Digital Economy at the BRICS Business Alliance 

Anna Nesterova mentioned digitalisation of economy provides a variety of tools for women’s empowerment. Exchange of experience, doing business remotely, and attracting investments are all becoming more accessible through the development of internet. Modern women have to learn using the given opportunities for personal and professional growth with maximum efficiency. 


One of the goals of women’s economic empowerment is involving women’s business in global value chains using digital tools. According to Ms. Nesterova, that can and should become the additional source of economic growth. That is why unleashing women’s entrepreneurial potential is a priority for modern society. 

The development of women’s entrepreneurship is key to BRICS economic agenda. 


Anna Nesterova highlighted the work in that area began in July 2017. At the time, Novosibirsk held BRICS public-private dialogue called ‘Women and Economy’ following a Russian initiative. In September 2018, the topic was continued on St. Petersburg’s Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. The discussion was dedicated to women participating in global trade. 

At the forum in Novokuznetsk, the wider range of issues were proposed for discussion. 

The participants spoke on involving women in e-commerce, increasing digital literacy, integration, and the development of remote areas of BRICS countries.

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Considerable attention was paid to the initiative of creating BRICS Women’s Business Alliance that may become a platform of exchanging experience and developing female entrepreneurial potential. Russia put forward a proposal to establish a digital network of trading platforms that would unite BRICS best practices of developing e-commerce. 

According to ILO, women form about 37% of global GDP, which equals around 81 trillion dollars. 

Anna Nesterova shared gender discrimination leads to losing nearly 16% of global income. At the same time, promoting gender diversity within in employment would enhance business efficiency by 40% and increase global GDP by 12 trillion dollars by 2025. 

Representatives from different countries participated in the expert session. They were politicians, heads of large companies, leaders of international organisations and associations. The discussion resulted in providing practical suggestions to BRICS governments. Those recommendations are to later be processed within BRICS Business Alliance and National Committee on BRICS Research, as well as the organisation’s Contact Group on Economic and Trade Issues. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov