On May 31, reception of applications for the first in 2017 contest dedicated to grants from the President of the Russian Federation for non-governmental non-profit organizations was over. The second contest accepts applications from August 16 to September 29. Natalia Aliyeva, Head of Department for Regional Development of the Foundation for Presidential Grants, told about the specifics of applications this year. She also shared useful advice and recommendations for non-profit organizations. 

Today the support of non-governmental organizations is carried out in 12 main directions. The most popular topics in the first contest of this year included the protection of public health, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, the support of projects in the field of science and education, social services and social support for citizens, the preservation of historical memory, the support of projects in the field of culture and art. Natalia Aliyeva noted that this year there were 6623 projects submitted to the contest. This number is twice as many as the average number of applications for a contest in the previous years. Moreover, the proportion of applications from regions outside the Central Federal District has grown significantly. 


Natalia Aliyeva said that this year the Foundation introduced several innovations concerning filing applications for the contest. 

Firstly, now it is only possible to do it by completing the online form on the web site of the Foundation for Presidential Grants. Applications sent on paper (or in any other way) are not accepted. 

Secondly, only organizations registered at least six months ago can be admitted to the contest. The approach to evaluating projects submitted from these organizations also changed. 


Thirdly, the requirements to documents are now simplified. Nowadays, to apply for the competition, it is enough to attach in a digital form a copy of the current edition of the organization's charter and information about this non-profit organization from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities obtained through the official website of the Federal Tax Service. 

Fourthly, the period of the implementation of the projects of the first contest increased to 15 months. That of the second contest increased to 12 months. Thus, the goals and objectives of the project specified in the application must be achieved by November 2018. 

The Head of Department for Regional Development of the Foundation for Presidential Grants also shared a few recommendations for those who plan to take part in the second contest. 


1. Apply in advance. Natalia Aliyeva noted that according to statistics about 35% of applications are received on the last day of admission. Such applicants have no time to eliminate the shortcomings if they are identified by the Foundation, as the deadline for registering bids for the contest is 5 working days. After the deadline for accepting applications no corrections are possible. 

2. Ask for the optimal money for the project. The Foundation has appropriate recommendations. Thus, small organizations that exist less than a year should count on financial support up to 500 thousand rubles. The recommended amounts of money for regional projects are from 500,000 to 3 million rubles. Interregional, district, and federal projects can count on amounts over 3 million rubles. 

3. Try to give the detailed information about the project. The more detailed the project, the calendar plan, and the budget are, the easier it will be for an expert to understand the content of the application. 

Natalia Aliyeva has worked in the non-commercial sector for more than 10 years. Today she is not only the Head of Department for Regional Development of the Foundation for Presidential Grants, but also the head of All-Russian Project on the Development of Early Vocational Guidance System called ‘Zasoboy’. 

“Social activities are an integral part of my life. I am very glad that today I can be involved in the development of the non-profit sector, working in the Foundation, which provides strong support to non-profit organizations”, she said. 

Natalia mentioned that non-profit sector involves many women. According to her, they play a huge role in development of this field. And the question whether there is a place for women in political and public life, in her opinion, is no longer relevant. And here is her personal recommendation: 

“My motto in the work is following: take a step, and the road will appear by itself. I believe that the main thing is never to doubt and just do it. After all, if you know and believe that your initiative is important and useful, then you will succeed, and the necessary resources will be found.” 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women's Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov