Dialogue with Franchising Leaders

Dialogue with Franchising Leaders

The Second EWF held an open debate 

The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum held an open debate titled ‘Dialogue with Leaders of Russian Franchising’. The participants discussed the opportunities franchising can give in the field of women’s entrepreneurial development. They spoke about the legal aspects of this direction, exchanged experience, and practices. Agnessa Osipova, President of the Russian Franchising Association, was the moderator of the discussion. 

Franchising is now the direction for rapid development of women’s entrepreneurship. 

Ms. Osipova highlighted that upwards of 60 thousand Russian enterprises work on a franchising basis. Women take senior positions in many of them. Besides, the number of organisations and women working in them is skyrocketing. According to preliminary estimations, by 2025, those numbers can almost double. 


Agnessa Osipova explained why female entrepreneurs choose franchising with increasing frequency. Primarily, women do not typically want to risk. They strive for safety and stability. 

According to Ms. Osipova, 85-90% of enterprises on a franchising basis keep developing after 5 years of operation. 

Moreover, franchising provides women with more opportunities to combine career and home. Thus, franchising entrepreneurs have a more liberal scheduling compared to those starting from scratch. 


An important advantage of franchising is the amount of established standards and business models. It gives one an opportunity to start the business or change its profile without studying for many years. That may also be relevant for the youth and people of the third age. 

The debate’s participants, leaders of Russian franchising, shared their success stories. They spoke about the history of their enterprises. The speakers were Elena Korostylyova, CEO of Tonus Club fitness club for women, Svetlana Vasilenko, Development Director of Gemotest Laboratory, Polina Kirova, Chief Branding Officer of Rybset, etc. 

Special attention was paid to legal protection of brands. After all the speeches were conducted, the audience had an opportunity to ask their questions to franchising leaders. The open debate lived up to its name and was performed as a fluid dialogue. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov