Elfi Klumpp: Girls and Women Are the New Talents in Digital Economy

Elfi Klumpp:  Girls and Women Are the New Talents in Digital Economy

Elfi Klumpp, German participant of the Eurasian Women’s Forum, on necessity of Education and STEM Skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for girls and women to participate in future technologies and new business models.

Global economy aims on harnessing on gender equality while digitalization and industry 4.0 are determining more and more our daily personal and professional life. Industry development needs education and education needs jobs available on the labor market. We can increase the efficiency of industrial economy through gender inclusion. However, education is key for young girls and women and their participation in growth. That was the main message from Elfi Klumpp, the Head of Global Business Development and Educational Services Festo Didactic.

Ms. Klumpp informed about the activity of Festo Didactic contributing to the Global Initiatives in Women’s Interests open debate by setting standards for technical education.

The Festo Group, headquartered in Germany, is a global supplier of automation technology and with Festo Didactic the global leader in technical education.

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“We make industry processes more productive and empower people for employability”, said Elfi Klumpp. The corporation has been working in the field of technical education for more than 50 years. It implements technical learning solutions around the globe. According to Elfi Klumpp, Festo Didactics’ target is to increase the impact of education and skills and thus contribute to development, growth and a sustainable society.

According to the panelist, the world is changing due to transformative information technologies and business models. That increases the demand for specialists in the sphere of innovative technologies. Girls and women also want to participate, master new occupations and so they need new skills. According to Elfi, women get more chances to be of high demand in labor market by improving their technical skills and managerial knowledge. Festo Didactic helps them obtain a profiled technical education to keep path with the continuously changing environment. That is company’s contribution to the development of economies and to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“The world of automation is up to now mostly an engineer’s and men’s world, but girls and women should have access to such job opportunities as well. So once more the key is technical skills and education. We found out that more and more women come to this hi-tech and challenging field of activity if they have enjoyed a profound technical education”, says Ms. Klumpp. We need to teach girls math, involve them in science and technology where they can achieve great success.

“Our goal is to help girls enter hi-tech labour market and provide their access to education at all levels”, mentioned Elfi Klumpp.

According to the speaker, education in the sphere of advanced technologies is the most important thing for her. To be prosperous, we need to combine efforts of private companies and public organisations that make education available for women. 

Yulia Shimolina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin