Energy of Entrepreneurship

Energy of Entrepreneurship

Women's entrepreneurship is now rapidly developing in many countries. In order to involve more women in business, it is necessary to conduct various educational programs allowing women to get all the necessary knowledge and skills. In the framework of the first BRICS Public-Private Dialogue Women and Economics Lingling Li, leading expert of the ITPO UNIDO Office in China, presented her report. She talked about the educational support of women’s entrepreneurship.

The speaker noticed that the unique experience was gained in Bahrain, where enterprises actively develop, especially those employing women and youth. Lingling Li was especially inspired by the project implemented under the leadership of Mr. Hussain, the head of UNIDO Office in Bahrain. The program conducted trainings and classes aimed at teaching women in the field of entrepreneurship in order to facilitate their access to the market. An important feature of the lessons is that successful entrepreneurs don’t only come to teach young people, but also bring food that they themselves prepared. Thus they literally offer students to taste their success.

In 2010, when Lingling Li met Mr. Hussein, she decided to organize a similar project using the model of UNIDO. Today more than 150,000 students take part in a course under her leadership.


“The main goal of my project is to provide students with desire to act, to give them all necessary knowledge and skills to increase their competitiveness.  I organize their meetings with successful entrepreneurs who share with them their experience and success stories”, she said.

By the way, many universities and international forums invite Lingling Li for training students and teachers.

The speaker noted that her course for students includes not only lectures and meetings, but also a competitive element: children develop projects and then present them to the public. Thus they get used to being independent and responsible for their work from the very beginning. After finishing the course graduates get on carrying out and developing their own projects. For example, one of the original ideas of the startup having received big success in China was the production of triple packs of socks. Some of the graduates became Lingling Li’s assistants.


The leading expert of the ITPO UNIDO Office spoke about another project with her participation in which all the participants can set and grow seeds. This easy process fills people with positive energy necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

According to Lingling Li, that business requires not only intellect, but also the internal activity of a person, his health and his desire to act. Her third project is devoted to this idea. Lingling Li organizes workshops that can last over several days or even weeks. The participants of these workshops are exposed to literally a complete reboot. Under the guidance of specialists they learn meditation, choose healthy diet and get rid of excess weight and toxins that prevent having an active life.

The speaker gave a few tips for all those present in the hall: meditating number of minutes per day equal to their age, trying to eat healthy food, breathing fresh air and doing breathing exercises. According to her, business can be created if you have erudition, intelligence and energy, which is the most important element. And for that one need just good health and rest.

Lingling Li addressed to young participants of the discussion.

“Start your way to success from youth, when you have sound body and sound mind. But the most important thing is to enjoy life every day. Then you will succeed”, she said. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women's Community 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov