Eurasian Women’s Forum: On Women in the Development of Social Entrepreneurship

Eurasian Women’s Forum: On Women in the Development of Social Entrepreneurship

The Forum Participants Discussed a Draft Law on Social Entrepreneurship 

An open discussion entitled ‘Women in the Development of Social Entrepreneurship’ was held as part of the Eurasian Women’s Forum. 

To open the meeting, several female entrepreneurs gave speeches outlining their experience in implementing projects and talked about the various difficulties they have faced. 

The participants noted that the main obstacle to the development of socially oriented business in Russia was the lack of a clear definition of this type of activity and the absence of legislative regulation in the area. 

The women at the discussion formulated their own interpretations of the concept of “social entrepreneurship” and talked about the measures that the government could take in order to help resolve existing issues. They also noted that the future law on social entrepreneurship should include ways to encourage young businesspeople to set up and run their own businesses. 

President of the Women’s Alliance Regional Association of Non-Governmental Organizations of St Petersburg and Rector of the St Petersburg Social and Economic Institute Elena Kalinina made a proposal on the creation of an internet portal where users can exchange information and experience and search for potential business partners. She then announced that a resource had been created that would help solve these tasks. 

Towards the end of the discussion, representatives of South Korea delivered a presentation on their country’s experience in the development of social entrepreneurship. The meeting’s moderators suggested that interested participants visit South Korea as part of a Russian delegation. 

A separate topic addressed at the discussion was the use of support mechanisms for women in the development of social business. At present, 60% of social entrepreneurs in Russia are women. For this number to grow, it is necessary to set up resource centres where young entrepreneurs can get specialist support. 

Kristina Danilina, Eurasian Women’s Community News Agency