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Photos of awarding ceremony of organisers of the Second EWF 

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Valentina Matvienko, The Chairperson of the Federation Council, awarded active participants in preparing and holding the Second EWF with letters of thanks and Certificates of Merit. 

When I was awarded, I recalled the Forum’s closing ceremony and the storm of applause Valentina Matvienko received when greeted by women from all over the world. It was the sincere gratitude to the person, who, for the second time, made the idea of gathering women from different countries to discuss the most relevant problems come true. 

The EWF is not just a representative event. It became the ground of fighting for peace and sustainable development. The Tauride Palace of St. Petersburg held the fantastic atmosphere. We felt as if we found ourselves in some different dimension with no wars among nations, religions, and governments. The Forum, by the way, united the representatives of different countries, religions, and political parties. 

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1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

I am totally sure the storm of applause to Ms. Matvienko demonstrated the gratitude for creating that very atmosphere together with Galina Karelova and other members of the Organising Committee. Valentina Matvienko correctly defined the Forum’s priorities. Women participants did not start arguing over different views on things. Instead, they united against common enemies, which are poverty, diseases, environmental pollution, etc. The participants started thinking together about improving the quality of education, supporting women’s entrepreneurship, developing philanthropy. The dialogue turned out to be very interesting, productive, and inspiring. 

According to many participants, during these three days they saw solutions to the problems that show good results in other countries, found like-minders, and agreed to cooperate on different projects. In addition, they were inspired by the examples of other women who consistently and bravely address even the most difficult tasks. 

It gives you energy when you understand that you are not alone and many women around solve the same problems overcoming serious difficulties during this process. It is hard to put into words that sense of community and inspiration. It can only be partially expressed in that applause to Valentina Matvienko.  

Every participant of the forum mentioned the excellent organisation of the event: from logistics and sound business section to magnificent cultural programme. Discussion platforms were logically planned and aimed at not only identifying the most topical problems but also negotiating a resolution and charting the course of solving actual problems. The fact that so many women from different countries and international organisations gathered in one place resulted in the possible maximum. The forum hosted UNIDO sessions, W20 meeting, and awarding outstanding women for their merits. The fact that Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, visited the forum was perceived as appreciation of the women’s movement and participation of women in solving actual problems. 

The only difficulty everybody faced was that everyone wanted to visit every event, which were held simultaneously. However, we had to choose. In other case, the forum would last for a month.

We receive letters from women from all over the world who were lucky to visit the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. They express their gratitude and willingness to never stop solving topical issues raised at the forum. The echo of the event still multiplies in women’s hearts. 

Recently Valentina Matvienko invited members of the Organising Committee of the forum to thank them for their help in holding such a huge event. It is very pleasant that activity of our portal in highlighting the events was also mentioned. 

It was also pleasant to meet like-minded people who solve serious problems in different spheres of activity. All of them are ready to work to reach the set goals with even greater enthusiasm after the forum. They are even ready to start preparing for the Third Forum, which will be not Eurasian but Global Women’s Forum. 

When many positive and kind people gather in one place, they create a unique atmosphere, which cannot be put into words. That is why we suggest you plunge into it with the help of photos

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Marina Volynkina, head of the news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community, member of the EWF Organising Committee

Translated by Yan Zarubin