Galina Karelova: The Forum Is the Space for New Opportunities

Galina Karelova: The Forum Is the Space for New Opportunities

Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council on the results of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

“The most important outcome of the Forum is consolidating efforts in developing women’s agenda and strengthening international cooperation,” said Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council. 

Galina Karelova - Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council 

According to her, the Second EWF became one of the most demanded and authoritative international platforms of discussing the role of women in the modern world. Such a result was achieved thanks to respectable members, the number of participants, subject matter, scale, and relevance of the issues discussed. 

“The Forum was attended by heads of parliaments and governments, CEOs of leading international organisations, industry leaders, business and expert representatives, as well as civil society members, scientists, and cultural figures.”

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That fact gave rise to the one-of-a-kind opportunity of defining a specific public enquiry and delivering it to decision-making and executive entities. At the same time, it provided information on what could be done or on the current measures being taken to address that enquiry. It also helped in discussing the best solutions. 

Galina Karelova shared, that this approach was the one to bring the EWF to a completely new level, to accord the elevated status to its discussions, to address new challenges, and to take an important step in developing both international and domestic cooperation. 

Ms. Karelova is sure the Forum generated powerful momentum towards developing new formats of international collaboration. 

Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council mentioned the Forum held the first meeting of the International Female Governors Debate Club, the first Summit of Female Diplomats, and the presentation of the BRICS Women’s Business Alliance. The Second EWF established the community of women exporters and held the first ever W20 Summit in Russia. 

“I am sure all that will be continued and developed through joint projects.” 

Galina Karelova highlighted that at least 10 new projects have already been established. 

She emphasised leading international organisations actively participating in preparing and carrying out the number of discussion platforms. 

“The reputable organisations of the UN, UNIDO, UNESCO, ILO, WHO, etc. demonstrated genuine interest in Russian experience, exchange of best practices, and cooperation. That is yet another essential outcome showing the Second EWF being a promising event,” said Ms. Karelova. 

According to her, the Forum became the space for actualising new opportunities and promoting women’s initiatives. Galina Karelova paid particular attention to the business programme of day one of the Forum called ‘Women: Russian Agenda’. She mentioned the participants received an opportunity to present their projects, developments, and achievements within various exhibitions and events. Moreover, they had an opportunity of receiving practical help and learning about new tools of marketing and exporting support. Besides, for the first time ever, the Forum had a series of international treaties being signed to promote women’s entrepreneurship, women’s participation in developing new technologies, etc. 

“The Outcome Resolution of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum was sent to all global leaders, as well as to the UN and other international organisations.” 

The Outcome Resolution of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

Translated by Nikolay Boykov