Helen Walbey: “Women Are the Blazing Light”

Helen Walbey: “Women Are the Blazing Light”

The EWF participant from Wales on women’s role 

Helen Walbey, the head of the Federation of Small Businesses in the United Kingdom, took part in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. In her interview to the EWC, she expressed her emotions of the event and shared about the role of women in the modern world. 

Helen Walbey came from the small country of Wales. She told her nation pays special attention to women’s empowerment. The First Minister of Wales even said he wanted a “feminist government”. 

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Ms. Walbey herself expressed her happiness about her participating in the Second EWF. 

She said: “What we do is really necessary. Not only are we making great policy and having great discussion, but we are also building wonderful networks and making new contacts. It shows that even if our governments are having difficulties, as women we can communicate and work together all over the world”. 

Helen Walbey advocates for collaboration and friendly relations for the sake of global prosperity. The main thing is not leaving anyone behind and hearing all the voices being one. 

Ms. Walbey is sure: “If you are one person, alone in the dark, you are a very small light. However, if you are a big group of people, you become a blazing light”. 

Helen Walbey added: “If we are going to bring peace to our world, we all need to become blazing lights in our communities. I am very happy to be a very small light in part of a blazing community”. 

Nikolay Boykov, Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov