“In 2005, 12 years ago, we, specialists from Moscow and Saint Petersburg, were concerned about the state of children's reading in Russia and tired of highlighting this issue at professional conferences, that is why we united and decided to reach out and share our knowledge in language easily understood by parents. That is how the movement called Young Russia Reads appeared”, said Tatyana Zhukova, President of the Russian Library School Association and the founder of this initiative. 

Nowadays children’s reading is a topical issue. Computer games and gadgets became a priority for children, and the book now is in the background. Nevertheless, reading contributes to the formation of personality, worldview, values and aesthetic ideals. Reading books helps clearly formulate your thoughts, enrich the vocabulary, allows you to think and create. Unfortunately, in the younger generation, literature is not yet in a trend. But now various system projects allow forming a reading culture from childhood. Parents play an important role in this process. 


The organizers of this movement implement a project called Reading Mother Makes Reading Country in order to create a reading generation and teach children to love reading. Within schools in various regions of Russia, mothers gather together with professionals in the field of psychology and reading pedagogy, in order to learn not only to choose the necessary literature for their children, but also to competently present it to their children. It is also important that the experts teach the parents the correct intonation, which in many respects influences the child's perception of the text. According to Tatyana Zhukova intonation, like an illustration to the text, not only complements it, but also helps to find out the author's idea. Librarians along with the mothers sort out the stories and analyze them to understand what the author wanted to convey to the readers. 


There are also meetings organized for both children and their mothers. During those meetings, some selected literary works for children are read aloud. They touch the young listeners so much that feel the same as the characters of those stories. They get interested in the stories listened and after coming home rear those books to know the ending. 

“The project gave a huge social effect and influenced positively the children’s quality thinking. We help children to be functionally literate and highly demanded in this complex world”, comments Tatyana Zhukova. 


According to her, one should pay much attention to the selection of literature for children. 

“What to read? One should read those books that calm down the child and eliminate all negative emotions. The classics provides that”, she claimed. 

It is also necessary not to forget about literature of the present where the environment described is familiar to children. But one should select modern books carefully, as there is a number of works of poor quality among them. That is why a magazine Chitayka was launched. It gives recommendations for parents and publishes best works of the modern Russian children’s authors. 


“We also published a book called Exposing The Heart To Kindness. It comprises short stories with topics divided into several sections. For example, Responsibility For Pets, Conscience, Thinking Seriously About Jokes, and so on. The works presented in the book were written in the Soviet time by Oseyeva, Dragunsky and other famous children’s authors. We added comments and questions for mothers to ask their children. They will help to analyze and fix mistakes and deviations in children’s behavior”, commented Tatyana Zhukova. 

It is necessary to remember that children grow up in the century of modern technologies. According to Tatyana Zhukova, they must not be deprived of digital environment. It is just necessary to select the content that will help the child to get more knowledge and develop in a proper way. One should harmonically combine reading books and using gadgets. 


According to letters of the parents sent to the organizers of the movement, many teenagers thanks to Reading Mother Makes Reading Country came to love reading. The main idea is to give your child a right book, which will help him with his problems. A book having been read on time can completely change one’s live. 

Maria Gvozdeva, Polina Danilova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov