In A Harmony With A Village

In A Harmony With A Village

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation with the leaders of the RosSelhozBank and the Rosagroleasing hosted the XXVIII Congress of the Association of farmers’ economy and agricultural cooperations of Russia at the Department of Russia. There were over 800 delegates from 75 regions of Russia and even colleagues from the German agricultural unions. 

To know how to help agriculture the members of the Ministry of Agriculture with the delegates from different regions of Russia discussed current topics which were connected with its development and improvement and also the perspectives of the solution of tasks which are important to workers of the agro-industrial complex nowadays. 


It is no secret that women play a big role in agriculture. They work at different levels and contribute their invaluable help in research of agricultural problems and working at recommendations about dealing with them. Thus, among the guests were: rector of the Orenburg’s State Agrarian University Galina Vasilievna Petrova, chief of the farmers’ economy «Oksana» from Voronezh region Valentina Vasilievna Chernyh, Marina Borisovna Malanicheva from the Movement of Rural Women from Leningrad region and also Olga Vyacheslavovna Bandyukova and Marina Viktorovna Bykova who represent the Movement of Rural Women from Orenburg and members from other different organizations, women farmers. 


There was an impressive speech from Marina Malanicheva who made a topical problem of youth’s outflow from villages actual: «I've been speaking about it for a long time. I’ve noticed that the younger generation considers a farmer’s job something unworthy. Everybody is attracted by the capital and opportunities that it gives. But they forget that products don’t appear on the shops’ shelves by themselves. Someone should work for ecologically clean vegetables and meat to appear on our tables” 


As long as the attraction of the younger generation to the village is an important political and economical matter, the president of AKKOR Vladimir Plotnikov has included its solution in the resolution in the end of the congress. 

The director of the Department of the Economy and Governmental support APK of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Natalia Chernetsova was answering the questions about the rural economy. 


Valentina Chernykh raised the topic about settlement of land relations within the realization of the president’s program and asked local authorities for assistance. There were also mentioned late payments on five percent loans and reduction of the unconnected per hectare support. 


According to one of the speakers, living in harmony with a village is a prime goal for the modern society, and that is why it is so important to know what does the landocracy need and deal with upcoming problems in time. Despite the great popularity of employment in the capital among the younger generation, there are still many ways to attract bright minds and fresh strengths to the village that this branch of Russian industry, which feeds the whole country needs. 

Yulia Yakovleva, news agency of Eurasian Women's Community

Translated by Irina Nikishina