Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time
International Congress of Associations of Women-doctors of Central Europe

International Congress of Associations of Women-doctors of Central Europe


Roundtable conference on the topic of International Cooperation of State Authorities and Public Organizations in the Sphere of Healthcare of Women and Children

International Congress of Associations of Women-doctors of Central Europe

25th of November 2016 Moscow

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Combined Efforts Is a Key to Success

“Only by combining efforts of authorities and society we can achieve great results in the sphere of healthcare of women, children and the whole mankind”, that was the way Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, opened a roundtable conference on the topic of International Cooperation of State Authorities and Public Organizations in the Sphere of Healthcare of Women and Children. She remembered Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of the Upper Chamber of Russian Parliament, to the guests. Valentina pays much attention to international cooperation and health of the women and children.

Delegates from Germany, France, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Nigeria, Georgia, Kazakhstan and also representatives from 29 Russian regions took part in the discussion. According to Galina Karelova, the dialogue that is aimed at saving women’s and children’s health strengthens relations between countries. The roundtable sums up International Congress of Associations of Women-doctors of Central Europe that was held for the first time.

It is well-known that women were not allowed to work in the sphere of medicine until the 20th century. Nowadays, 69% of employees in the sphere of healthcare are women. That is why cooperation of all women in the world is so important to solve pressing problems in the sphere of medicine.

In this year Russia held the whole row of meetings on the same topic. So, in May there was a General Assembly of International Women’s Council. This event was held in Russia for the first time since it was established 130 years ago. In November Ufa held a charity forum and Operation Smile was part of it. By the initiative of Valentina Matvienko there was a Eurasian Women’s Forum a year ago where representatives of 80 countries were present.

“We consider our forum to continue every day. Even today there are discussion grounds for all women in Russia”, said Galina Karelova. She told guests about our portal that highlights important events of this sphere as well as activities of many social organizations.

Galina stressed that Russia welcomes international cooperation for solving any up-to-date questions and that topic of motherhood and childhood deserves special attention. So, as part of the project of preventing breast cancer, it is planned that all Russian women could be medically examined by 2018. And that is only one example. All in all, there are a lot of interesting projects of this sphere in our country. Many of them are executed by social organizations that won state grants as a support in competitions.

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Health Is Not Everything, but Everything without Health Is Nothing

Deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Lyudmila Kozlova thinks that “healthy lifestyle allows you to be mentally sane, physically healthy and remain a good person as well for many years”. She also highlighted the fact that one of the focus areas of policy is the support of children’s healthcare.

She is sure that different diseases start to develop from the early age which makes their prophylaxis essential. Lyudmila Kozlova also said that the major part of shaping healthy lifestyle culture is a women’s merit. That is why many governmental organisations and NGOs work to prepare women for motherhood, to support reproductive healthcare, etc.

According to the statistics, health level depends on lifestyle by 50-60%, on inheritance – by 15-20% and only by 5-10% on the healthcare system state.

Lyudmila Kozlova: “Now we are working on the project of Healthy Lifestyle Act. However, I think that people’s own commitments should meet governmental initiatives on healthcare. People should treat their own health attentively”.

She also highlighted the importance of propaganda of healthy lifestyle for children and youth. The senator suggested creating TV- and online content concerning this topic.

It is also important to improve medical postgraduate studies: to draw people’s attention to distance qualification upgrade and to give more information on prophylaxis.

At the end of her report Lyudmila Kozlova said the following: “Health is everything, but everything without health is nothing. Remember that and treat patients’ health attentively”.

25.11.2016 10:20 (МСК)


Healthy Lifestyle Is For All Generations! 

Deputy Minister of Health in Russia Sergey Kraievoy made a report on Russian Health Department international collaboration efforts concerning mothers’ and children’s healthcare. He told about the programmes aimed at raising the quality of medical aid to new mothers and newborn children. They were actualised in CIS, Latin America and Asian countries in last 15 years which helped to bring the level of child mortality down by three times.

Mr. Kraievoy  also told the participants about the project launching in 2017 which will support the child healthcare system and will be supervised by the Pediatric Research Institute of the Department of Health and WHO experts.

He also highlighted the 16 October meeting of Health Departments of Russia and Belarus concerning the improvement of children’s cochlear implantation. The diverse international collaboration will remain as it is.

25.11.2016 10:30 (МСК)


The Century Is Not Enough

Bettina Pfleiderer, the president of MWIA continued the discussion. She told the participants about the origins of the organisation.

“We have established the relations with WHO, we also constantly exchange professional experience with many other organisations. Our association supports the connection between women-doctors from all over the world. We develop many modular projects and initiatives on healthcare. The organisation also publishes several printed issues, one of them is dedicated to gender equality. We actively develop the programme of prevention of violence towards women and senior citizens. Now our topic of interest is “Women doctors are the ambassadors of change”. It is really essential for them to preserve and spread values of healthcare.”

On top of that, the association collects the regulatory materials from all over the world. They also work to solve the essential problem of obesity which is topical in Germany as well. But nevertheless, there are still many problems in the international sphere of women’s and children’s healthcare.

25.11.2016 10:40 (МСК)


Not Only Violence Victims But Also Offenders Need Help

Dr. Clarissa Fabre, President-Elect of the Medical Women's International Association, told that Britain has a service for citizens who suffered from violence.

“Despite the fact that there are government programmes aimed at this issue, there are not enough measures assumed. According to the statistics, one in four women in Britain and one in three women in the world suffer from violence.  The role of doctors in identifying violence is also very important, that’s why we need to train health workers how to act in any given situation,” she said.

The British professor mentioned that illnesses caused by violence may affect not only victims but also their offenders who are often people with depression, drug addiction or alcoholism. Boys and girls in schools need protection from violence, as many violence victims can’t fight their stress and become abusers. Today there are many special school programs and online platforms aimed at preventing violence and stopping turning a blind eye to this issue.

Clarissa Fabre said that in Britain there are NGOs working with abusers. One of those organizations is Respect, providing meetings, conferences and round tables with abusers in order for them to understand how harmful influence is and so as to prevent new acts of violence.

“We also have CARA project, a programme for universities involving police structures and units to prevent acts of violence. We are trying to attract men’s attention to the problem. For it we have programmes based on the standards established by the UN: He-for-She Campaign and White Ribbon Alliance aimed at prevention of violence against women and girls,” she added.

Clarissa finished her speech by recalling the words of Jimmy Carter who had said that the political and religious leaders must use their influence to put an end to violence against women and children.

25.11.2016 10:50 (МСК)


The Most Important Step Is To Realize That There Is A Problem

The Canadian professor Shelley Ross, Medical Women's International Association Secretary-General, presented her speech in the framework of the round table. She talked about projects implemented by the organization. For example, MWIA pays much attention to the preservation and improvement of reproductive health of women and fighting breast cancer. The organization also helps expectant mothers. For all those who decide to terminate their pregnancy abortions by medication are performed as they are the least traumatic for health. This programme is widely implemented in the cities, but it is still difficult to execute it in rural areas.

MWIA actively opposes human trafficking and violence against women. According to Shelley Ross, it is very important that women should realize that there is a problem and only then try to solve it.

Medical Women's International Association Secretary-General in her speech spoke about the gender trends in the activity of the organization. For example, doctors are paying much attention to observing differences in men’s and women’s being diseased.

Speaking about the situation in the field of medicine in Canada, Shelley Ross mentioned the importance of involving girls in the profession. Today there are only 40% of women among doctors in Canada. Two of the reasons of this profession not being popular are probably a high level of depressions experienced by she-doctors and a high suicide rate. However, Shelley Ross said that the situation is improving. Today there are 50% girls studying in Canada’s medical educational institutions. MWIA is active in not only attracting ladies in the profession, but also in involving women in public life in general.

25.11.2016 11:00 (МСК)


Those Who Cause Changes

“Women are those who cause changes,” said Khatuna Kaladze, MD, PhD, Vice-President of the World Association of Medical Women and professor of the Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy. According to her, today doctors have a big responsibility, and those women involved in health sector must solve not only specific problems but also global ones, such as epidemics.

She urges all women doctors to take part in child protection projects, improving the relationship between patients and doctors, obesity prevention and many other activities. She also said that women doctors also need protection and help. For example, it is necessary to fight sexual harassment that addresses both women physicians and medical students.

The overall objective Khatuna Kaladze follows is establishing effective cooperation of women in medicine.

"We invite all women doctors to contribute to the improvement of the health system," she said.

25.11.2016 11:10 (МСК)


Woman is Always Young and Beautiful

Nino Zhvania, President of the Association of Women Doctors of Georgia, Professor at the Tbilisi Medical Academy named after P. Shotadze, began her speech at the round-table conference with the story of her organization, which this year celebrates 16 years. During this time two international conferences in Tbilisi and Batumi was held. Participants of those conferences discussed questions of protection of pregnant women and also raised the question of expanding the range of pharmacological products that would be harmless for mothers-to-be. The Association provides public awareness campaign: it has produced the book "Woman is Always Young and Beautiful" and now it regularly publishes the magazine, whose editor is Nino Zhvania. At the end of her speech she made a formal offer to Olga Goncharova to join the editorial board of her publication.

25.11.2016 11:20 (МСК)


Mother's Mean Age at First Birth in Germany Is 30 

Dr Gabriele du Bois, the human geneticist from Böblingen, in her speech at the roundtable said that Germany invests heavily in improving health care and pays particular attention to the issues of obstetrics and gynecology. However, in spite of the measures taken, the number of women dying in childbirth, unfortunately, increases. The numerous studies have shown that the major causes of maternal death are diabetes, strong and late toxicoses, sepsis and the age of a patient. In 2015 the average age for women giving birth was about 30 (for comparison, in Russia it is 27.5, and it continues to increase every year). Moreover, many women these days are suffering from obesity. Expectant mothers wonder whether it’s better to give birth at home or in a hospital. Yet, 99 per cent of women in Germany go for hospitals.

25.11.2016 11:30 (МСК)


The Combination of Family and Career in Terms of Globalisation

Member of regional division of German Medical Women’s Association, plastic surgeon Marianna Schrader discussed the educational aspect. She told about the computer programme aimed at mentorship. Experienced mentors support their mentees in many different ways. They help them to write dissertations, to build proper careers, to successfully combine it with family life, etc. “Every mentee creates friendly relations with their mentor. The information on supervising, though, is secret ”.

25.11.2016 11:40 (МСК)


Prevention of Money Chase from Citizens

Olga Goncharova, President of Russian Women-doctors Association, told about the system of disease prevention in Russia which is represented by numerous government agencies. However, that can’t guarantee absence of problems. That is why help of civil society organizations is very important.

Olga also talked about the educational projects implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The tradition of schools of motherhood supported by maternity welfare centres is revived, and with the developing of new technologies distance learning is now available. The experts of the World Health Organization have visited the public health club "Longevity from the Cradle" in the Stupino district of the Moscow region.

The Russian Women-doctors Association formed the list of private clinics "for the prevention of money chase from citizens". Everyone can not only read a list of services and their cost, but also see the photos or video tour of the chosen medical institution on the website to learn about the doctors working there.

Another pride of the association is the movie "Evolution of Child", which tells in detail about all stages of human life. It was made so interesting that foreign colleagues have asked to use it. Now the film is being translated into French and will be demonstrated to the French to educate mothers-to-be.

25.11.2016 12:00 (МСК)


Children’s Rights in National Fairy Tales

After the main speakers ended their speech a big discussion on healthcare personnel training began. Rector of the First MSMU named after I. M. Sechenov, a doctor of medical sciences, professor Sergey Shevchenko and head of the department of Orenburg SMU, professor Natalia Perepyolkina participated in that discussion.

President of the Russian public organization "Association of Children’s Cardiologists of Russia" Ph. D., Professor Maria Shkolnikova said that cardiovascular diseases became the most common cause of post-nines children’s mortality. It’s well-known that these diseases claim more and more adults’ lives all over the world, and now the age limit is reduced, so it is important to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of these diseases as early as it is possible.

Speech of Deputy Director of Scientific centre of children's health of the Russian Ministry of health, Leila Namazova-Baranova was very effective. She told about new disease - Munchausen Syndrome in the opposite. Some years ago children pretended to be ill to miss the classes and now parents imagine their children are ill to get social benefits.

Being Deputy Chairperson of Executive Committee of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, Leila Seymurovna participates in different international actions. She told about auditing of medical assistance to two African and two Asian countries, about Russian-Italian project on prevention of child abuse. The book “Children’s Rights in National Fairy Tales”, сreated by the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, aroused huge interest among the audience. This book tells about Convention on the Rights of the Child in the context of fairy tales.

25.11.2016 12:15 (МСК)

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Everything Makes Sense When There Is a Continuation

Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council, highly valued reports of the round table’s speakers, their professionalism and creativity in the area of public health issues. 

“Everything makes sense when there is a continuation”, she said, having expressed her hope for prolonging and developing cooperation with colleagues from the International Congress of the Medical Women's International Association of Central European region. She invited all the participants to join the Second Eurasian Women's Forum, which will be held in 2018.

25.11.2016 12:30 (МСК)


Healthy Lifestyle as a National Idea

“Improvement in citizen’s health and motivation to maintain a healthy life-style is the very national idea that must unite all political parties, public organizations and movements”, said Lyudmila Kozlova, Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council Committee on social policy, at the close of the round-table conference.

Citizens’ health, according to the Senator, is defined as a key factor of national security in the Federation Council. That is why the final act of the conference should be formed elaborately. Lyudmila Kozlova suggested to all meeting participants to put forward proposals that will help in solving medical problems, within two weeks.

Lyudmila also noticed that great attention in the field of healthcare should be paid to children. According to the results of researches conducted in Russia in 2000-2002, it was found that the increase in arterial blood pressure, once considered as a disease of old people, now appears among children of primary school age. "We cannot solve the health problems of adults without solving problems in childhood", said Lyudmila Kozlova. She also thanked Valentina Matvienko and Galina Karelova for the tremendous assistance in the organization of the forum and the round-table conference.

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