Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time
International Forum Women for Uniting Creative Forces for the Sake of Peace

International Forum «Women for Uniting Creative Forces for the Sake of Peace»


International Forum
«Women for Uniting Creative Forces for the Sake of Peace»

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December 8, 2016 | Moscow

08.12.2016 11:00 (GTM +3)


Yekaterina Lakhova Opened the Forum

“Today, we are sure that solving such global issues as building the union state or creation of platform of civil consent and cooperation is impossible without active participation of women. The Women’s Union of Russia and the Belarusian Union of Women have strong and longstanding cooperation. These organizations exchange delegations, hold round tables and conferences and participate together in different international events,” said Yekaterina Lakhova, Chairperson of the Women’s Union of Russia and member of Federation Council of the Russian Federation while having opened an international forum Women For Uniting Creative Forces For The Sake Of Peace held on December 8 in Moscow.

According to her, not only contacts between top officials are important for further development and strengthening the union state, but also horizontal communication between different social layers.

In addition, Yekaterina Lakhova talked more about the organization’s activity and stated that it carries out multiple projects and programs of different kind.

As she says, one of the main subprograms is called Sound Family Is Steady State. While working in the area this program is devoted to representatives of the organization realized that family crisis is a grave problem of the whole Russian society.

“The Women’s Union of Russia deems it duty to inform authorities about urgent problems, troubles and anxiety of parents, children and families in general. Often its initiatives are ahead of the reaction of the legislative and executive authorities,” she added.

The Women’s Union of Russia carries out many other actions and contributes to realization of socially important projects. By the way, that is why the All-Russian Fathers’ Forum was organized.

Appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is among the Union’s biggest achievements. It was signed by 430,000 Russian citizens and comprised an offer to improve families’ conditions and providing accelerated concept of family policy.

The president, the two Chambers of Russian Parliament and regional power brokers highly appreciated the Union’s activity. Upwards of 22,000 women were awarded for their effective work.

08.12.2016 11:30 (GTM +3)


Effective Cooperation

Grigory Rapota, Secretary of State of the Union State, performed his introductory speech on the meeting of the forum Women for Uniting Creative Forces For The Sake Of Peace.

“As people who are really passionate about their work we think that the development of Russian-Belarusian relations at all levels is of great importance. That is why we pay much interest to issue of cooperation between these two countries and try to use such events for building of what we call the union state,” he said.

He stated that social aspect of the Union State is very vast as it affects all spheres of life of people. This includes solution of such issues as cooperation of Russian and Belorussian women, their free movement in the union state, health care, pensions, housing and etc.

“We do all we can in order for women of these two countries to be able to feel at home while being on the territory of the other state”, he commented.

It is interesting that the attention of women's organizations is paid not only to the problems of motherhood, but also to paternity issues. Grigory Rapota is sure that today it is necessary to provide men with feeling responsibility for their families and children. In addition, it is necessary to fight alcoholism and drug addiction, the main reasons for the collapse of many families, and various inborn diseases of children According to Grigory, the men who are really loving and caring fathers should be encouraged and appreciated.

He is also sure that Russian and Belorussian mentality is alike. That is why many problems worth solving in cooperation. While speaking on working with children Grigory Rapota highlighted the importance to instill in the younger generation love of art, sport, to cultivate their patriotism and active life position.

He offered The Women’s Union of Russia to cooperate in numerous different projects.

08.12.2016 11:55 (GTM +3)


Balanced Decisions Are Accepted Together

Chairman of Belorussian Female Union (BFU) Marianna Schyotkina thinks that “the most balanced decisions are accepted, when women and men work together”.

Marianna told about the focus areas of BFU. The major one is the problem of personal development of youth. The speaker also noticed that “close-knit families are key components of the strong state”.

The next important direction is devoted to gender equality and women empowerment in the senior sphere. According to Marianna Schyotkina, men and women can achieve outstanding results only by working together. In this regard spiritual condition of a person is essential, as only spiritually developed always aim their efforts at achieving good purposes.

One of the most important projects of BFU is Generation Solidarity, which includes wide range of activity from helping children and senior citizens to the exchange of experience.

Marianna said, that “the role of our organisations can’t be belittled. They are not hobby clubs, not some random associations – they are NGOs possessing enormous potential for making our world better. Women comprise major creative powers.”

After that Marianna Schyotkina read aloud a welcome letter by Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Belarus in Russia Igor Petrischenko. It highlighted the importance of Russia-Belarus projects in our countries’ interrelations.

08.12.2016 12:15 (GTM +3)


The Purpose of Woman is To Be a Guardian of the Peaceful Hearth

Irina Bronislavovna Stepanenko, Chairperson of the Grodno Regional Organization of the Belorussian Women's Union, told about the work in the sphere of patriotic education of the youth in Grodno: "Women have always played a significant role in the history of our land. Nadezhda Durova, a female officer during the Patriotic War of 1812, began her career in Grodno. Here lived and glorified our land famous writers Eliza Ozheshko and Alois Pashkevich. Our Olympic champions Elena Volchetskaya, Irina Shilova and Ioannina Korolchik are members of our organization. For two decades one of the most effective agricultural areas in the Soviet Union has been successfully managed by Antonina Beliakova. This year, at the initiative of our organization, the medal for special merits in the development of the region was established. It is a crime not to use such historical potential for patriotic education of the new generations. Especially now, when we see what the unabashed falsification of history surrounds us. It is important to be able to defend your point of view in conversations that are full of false facts and arguments. And to oppose such quasi arguments one should use the reality-based grounds. After all, the purpose of a woman is to be a guardian of the peaceful hearth.

After analyzing the results of sociological research on the knowledge of native land history, which we have been doing for over 20 years among our youth, we have decided to create a project for developing in young people a deep knowledge about war and peace, the homeland and duty, justice and responsibility. The results can be achieved only by using a system in which everyone is involved. The words of Antoine Saint-Exupery are the motto of our project for reason: “You care about the future? Build it today. You can change everything. You can grow a cedar forest on the barren plain. But it is important for you not to design the cedars but to plant seeds.” This logic allowed us to implement the civil-patriotic cultural concept under the title “Remember, love, keep”, which includes a number of projects, events and activities, and they already have significant results. A burning candle, symbolizing the memory of the heroes and the heart as an expression of selfless love for the Motherland and for God became symbols of our concepts.

The first component, the memory can be illustrated by the same-titled event, which involves everybody. The second component is the original project “College Museum”. Every room there is a story itself. Last year we introduced a new project “Historic route”. It is a tour with the elements of the actor’s play in the memory of the labour force. There, accompanied by guitar and accordion, as in old times the songs of the war years are performed. That is what is remembered by young people. The third component is the virtual book project. On the website of the Grodno organization the history of women veterans and toilers is completely revealed. Charity ball of three generations unites these three components. This event is aimed at the formation of continuity, through it the past and the integrity of the society are preserved and the vector for further development takes shape.

It is no coincidence that the symbol of our organization is the cornflower. It is closely associated with spiritual values, it is a symbol of fidelity, a harbinger of the future, embodying the peaceful sky over the head. We appreciate the value of living in a free and peaceful country. Only in your own peaceful land we can feel free and confident."

08.12.2016 12:35 (GTM +3)

Количество женщин в муниципальной.jpg

The Number of Women in Municipal Government Reached 70%

"It is impossible to underestimate the role of women in modern society," – says Olga Khokhlova, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee of Legislative Assembly of Vladimir Region on Education, Science, Culture, Tourism, Sports, Youth and Media.

According to Olga Nikolaevna, among the deputies of the Legislative Assembly the number of women is 26%. At the level of municipal authorities, the figure is much higher and close to 70%. Thanks to this the last 10 years in the region were implemented more projects improving the status of mothers and children. The day of family, love and fidelity – the all-Russian holiday – came from this region. At the initiative of Vladimir Region women a number of laws to support large families have passed. In addition to the parent capital they provide land and parcel of forest to build their own home. And families with five or more children are awarded with the order "Parental Glory". 

However, the region has developed not only the women's movement but also men’s. "Father’s Council" has been operating in the region for two years. Its members organize forums, meetings and family readings. They arrange consultations and share their experience with young fathers.

Olga finished her speech by inviting all participants to the festival "Week of the national culture of Belarus" which will be held in 2017.

08.12.2016 12:55 (GTM +3)

Сохранение и передача.jpg

Preserving and Transmitting of National and Cultural Traditions

Olga Zaitseva, Chairperson of Chuvash Republican Social Organization Alliance of Chuvashia Women pointed out several projects under process: “Chuvashia is a multinational republic, that is why preserving and progressing of peace and friendship is one of Alliance of Chuvash Women major goals. With the support of The Public Chamber of Russia, in 2016 out alliance promotes a project, under which festivals of national assets of Chuvashia’s peoples are held. It is a thing of great importance because Chuvashia comprises 28 nationalities. This project was contradicted by the necessity of keeping the region history safe, and supported by the republican government. The logical conclusion to the project went as the 1st convention of nations, living in Chuvashia, where the Alliance was born”.

Alliance of Chuvashia Women does his best for maintaining and developing national culture. The major step in that direction was the realization of project “Preserving and transmitting of national and cultural traditions: from mother to daughter, from father to son”, supported by the Head of the Republic Mikhail Ignatov.

08.12.2016 13:10 (GTM +3)


Business is a Great Opportunity for Self-Development

Ludmila Zhukovich, Chairperson of Brest’s precinct organization, shared her experience with colleagues.

Ludmila devoted her presentation to the development of women business. She said, that the organization she presents took part in the project of International Finance Corporation, directed at Belarus woman studies of the business basis. The speaker also pointed out that only 30% of Belarus businesspeople are women. It is connected with the fact that many women are not self-confident enough due to the lack of knowledge in the sphere of business activity.

This way, under the project of Open Business for Women free 3-days training took place. The participants could not only get new knowledge on business activity, but find one for themselves. During the training, women presented their business plans, and shared the ideas of start-ups. To finish the project, several businesswomen-to-be got an opportunity to finance their business by the global bank at easy terms.

Moreover, it was taken into consideration that many businesswomen-to-be are motivated to go through the training by the will of self-development.

Now, the organization started the project, connected with the creation of woman initiative centre of support. It can provide the organization of the unique platform, where women can address to for all peculiarities of business building.

08.12.2016 13:20 (GTM +3)


Institute of Constant Communication

The State Secretary of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, Grigory Rapota, commenting on the forum Women for the Unity of Creative Powers for the Peace Sake” said: “the main thing in such activities is that the Institute of Constant Communication of Russian and Belarus Women was created”. It is one more possibility to talk, to discuss questions of vital importance, to exchange the experience of actual problems solutions. It is one more form of woman organizations co-working. It is also important that Forum is held on the threshold of the 20year anniversary of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, the 25th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the 25th anniversary of the Women's Union of Russia and the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Belarusian Union of Women.

08.12.2016 13:30 (GTM +3)


Creating Female Agenda

“The summarising document of the Third Russia-Belarus Forum highlighted the universal type of Russian-Belarus collaboration and strategic partnership of our countries”, underlined Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council Galina Karelova. She gave her speech during the 8 December forum called Women For Creative Power For The Sake Of Peace held in Moscow. It was organised by Russian Female Union (RFU) and initiated by BFU. That meeting will help the participants to exchange the professional experience, to show their best projects and to discuss further collaboration.

Galina told about improving Russia-Belarus relations and thanked Belarus colleagues for helping to actualise 2015 Eurasian Women’s Forum. She also highlighted one of the main achievements of the event which is presented by launching constant Russian discussion platforms such as Women in Industry, Women in Agriculture and Women in Sports. Besides, in November 2016 in accord with the Federation Council the international forum “Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity” was held in the Russian city of Ufa alongside with Moscow Congress of MWIA.

Galina Karelova also underlined the fact that “the National strategy serving women’s interests became the new step towards women empowerment in Russia. The initiative of the Federal Council helped to create it.”

Also after the task of the Chairperson of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko the informational website called Eurasian Women’s Community. It comprises the roster of women’s NGOs.

Galina Karelova invited BFU to participate in the Eurasian Women’s Forum 2018. She also suggested creating the discussion platform of women’s NGOs leaders. She said that “we are sure that women from all the continents need the female agenda”.

Translated by Nikolai Gavrilov, Nikolay Boykov, Stanislav Fedin, Ksenia Panteleeva

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