Jiko Luveni: “Encouraging Men to Problems Solving”

Jiko Luveni: “Encouraging Men to Problems Solving”

Speaker of the Fijian Parliament on the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

Representatives of over 120 countries participated in the Second EWF. They all came to St. Petersburg to share their experience of actualising global problem-solving projects, positive practices, and ideas. Jiko Luveni, Speaker of the Parliament of Fiji, was one of the Forum’s participants. 

There is a rise in women’s participation in decision-making in Fiji. However, Ms. Luveni mentioned she would like to see more women-parliamentarians.

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Jiko Luveni said: “We will be able to solve some problems by working together and discussing pressing problems internationally. It is, however, important for men to be aware of the problems women from different countries face on their career paths. Men are able to help us solve the issues”. 

Speaker of the Fijian parliament is sure: nowadays women can do whatever they like more. The world has various projects and programmes for helping women unleash their potential. It is essential for mass media to cover that topic more often to inform the society about the existing opportunities. 

Jiko Luveni also supposes the media has to keep balance between positive and negative news. “If the news are only positive, we will not be able to spot the problems and dedicate our forces to solving them. At the same time, positive information is essential for inspiring and motivating the society”. 

Addressing the other participants of the Second EWF, Jiko Luveni highlighted she was delighted to see women support each other to achieve their aims. She would like to see more women-leaders who are ready to solve the problems. In her opinion, those women encourage others to act vibrantly. 

Nikolay Gavrilov, Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov