Marissa del Mar: From Philippines With Love

Marissa del Mar: From Philippines With Love

Philippine TV host at the Second EWF 

The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum united vibrant, focused and concerned women representing various fields of activity. Many of the journalists who came to cover the event also participated in it. We interviewed Marissa Platon Magsino coming from Philippines, chairperson of Millicent Production, who is also known to TV viewers as Marissa del Mar. 

Marissa Platon Magsino (del Mar) – host of a TV programme, broadcasted in 10 countries 

Our interviewee focuses on national security and economic and political stability. She is sure: today human trafficking is one of the crucial problems, which has to be solved. Marissa del Mar encourages all countries to address that issue and make our world a better place.

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She also wants to know more about activities of nations, various organisations and people in the framework of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. According to Marissa del Mar, participants of the Second EWF both discuss and find practical solutions of the problems while sharing useful practices and knowledge. Our interviewee learned a lot at the Forum and promised to use that information to prepare yet another episode of her programme. 

She highlighted: “At the Eurasian Women’s Forum, our voices become one. Our unity is our power. That is the only way we can change our world for the better, which is the main thing. I encourage everyone to work together while giving everyone a chance to make a difference”. 

“We need to empower women for them to work alongside men without any competition.” 

Marissa del Mar advocates for cooperation and friendly relations among countries. She mentioned Philippines’ heartwarming attitude towards Russia and encouraged further development of countries’ relations. 

Nikolay Boykov, Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community