Men Would Lose Their Wits Doing That

Men Would Lose Their Wits Doing That

The International Congress of Women of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS Countries took place in Novosibirsk on July 3-4. The discussion related to the role of women in modern society, in particular in politics, economics, science, education and culture. Nomasonto Maria Sibanda-Thusi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of South Africa in Russia, took part in the event and presented her report on the economic role of women in the world.

“Women play an important role in the economic development of all countries. Their contribution should not be underestimated, but often women take this for granted”, she said.


According to her, women have to constantly find balance between career and family responsibilities, and many do it successfully.

"Men would lose their wits doing that", commented Nomasonto Maria Sibanda-Thusi.


Very often the woman are considered to be the weaker sex, but the times when that was true are long gone. In most countries women are exposed to violence, they are more illiterate, they are discriminated when applying for work. Traditionally, women are responsible for the care of children, so they can’t fully use their potential. But nowadays the integration of women in different spheres of society takes place. Women start being less dependent on men.

“Women should take their rightful position in society. 80% of all food produced in developing countries is made by women. Women are one third of the labor force around the world”, said Nomasonto Maria Sibanda-Thusi.


But women receive less wages. And still some men think women are less important and should be paid less. This is in part affected by the fact that there are few women in government. The stereotypes that women can't solve serious problems and take responsibility for the actions of all their subordinates are still alive.

Nomasonto Maria Sibanda-Thusi thinks, it is necessary to eliminate the stress that arises from combining work and family, and then women will be able to release their potential. To achieve that they need good kindergartens and flexible schedules at work, access to credit and housing. And men should take half of their load. The world must support young women so as they could have opportunities to succeed in life and to contribute to the universal development. It is time to recognize that it is important not only for women but also for the whole society. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women's Community 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov