Nature Protection: Support Point of Realisation of Women’s Potential

Nature Protection: Support Point of Realisation of Women’s Potential

Participants of women’s forum discussed ecology in Russia’s regions 

An expert session dedicated to ecological situation in Russia’s regions took place at the second day of the women’s forum in Novokuznetsk. Elena Grishina, member of the Ecological Council of the Federation Council Committee on Agriculture, Food Policy and the Environment and coordinator of environmental programmes of the Russian Women's Union, became the moderator of the discussion. According to Ms. Grishina, women as the keepers of the family hearth ensure harmony on the whole planet. It is important for them that their children breathe clean air, drink fresh water and do not drown in tons of rubbish. 

The participants of the session exchanged their experience in implementing global initiatives in the field of ecology of regions, transport, and municipal spheres of regions. The discussion paid much attention to the topics of "green" economy, the best technologies available in industry, and ecological tourism. Within the framework of the session, representatives of civil society and business had a dialogue on ecological issues. 


Sergey Vysotsky, Head of the Department for Natural Resources and Ecology of the Kemerovo Oblast opened the session. He spoke about the realisation of projects on reducing the burden on the environment and preserving the biodiversity of Kuzbass. 

Svetlana Sheinfeld, national expert of UNIDO Centre for International Industrial Cooperation in the Russian Federation, told about the ‘Business and Biodiversity’ initiative and its role in ensuring ecological balance in Kuzbass. She shared her advice with the administration of the Kemerovo Oblast on how to improve the environmental situation in the region. 

Environmental protection is the field that can help women fulfil their potential and find their place in life. It is important for them that their activity brings use to people around and helps make the world better.


Galina Mekush, member of the ‘Kuzbass Environmental Issues’ working group of the Council for Science and Professional Education to the Governor of the Kemerovo Oblast, spoke about regional economic standards and Kemerovo’s strategic reset. 

10 expert groups were created for the sake of improving environmental situation in Kuzbass. Each group works in a specific direction. 

Authorities, business and public representatives, and experts are the members of those groups. They are actively cooperating with one another. Within the framework of the project, its team will consolidate the successful practices, create the roadmap, and develop a number of legislative initiatives.

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Special attention was paid to using modern technologies for improving environmental situation in the region. The speakers shared about ecofriendly technoparks. Such facilities represent modern complexes of companies doing waste treatment, recycling, and decontamination. Both industrial enterprises and municipalities can contribute to creating such ecofriendly technoparks. 

Realising such projects can bring practical use: technoparks will produce heat and electricity. 

Yekaterina Volynkina, President of the Association of Waste Processors of the Russian Ecological Academy, presented the business model of an industrial innovative ecofriendly technopark in Novokuznetsk. The speaker stressed that the Kemerovo Oblast is the leader in the amount of waste it produces among all Russia’s regions. 

Creating an ecofriendly technopark based on the Kuzbass Association of Waste Processors will help solve many existing environmental problems and will create the opportunity for the city’s development. 

In conclusion, Elena Grishina, moderator of the discussion, shared about the project titled ‘For the Clean House, Clean Country, and Clean Planet’. Women’s Union of Russia and its regional offices are actualising it. Women care about the world’s fate and nature. Being kindhearted housekeepers and mothers, they strive to unite citizens of all cities, regions, and countries to preserve the best condition of the Earth, our great home. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov