Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time


Women start being increasingly active as creators of constructive and humanistic changes. At the same time, women’s social initiatives, their success stories, and information about their achievements often do not receive sufficient coverage.

Every woman irrespective of nationality and social status must have access to such information. This is the focus of the Eurasian Women’s Community. The web-portal’s articles are positive and motivating. All the information is published and distributed free of charge.

We want to turn this space of positive communication into the global one. Our news agency daily shares about bright examples of women’s creative activities. Who can become our information partners on a non-profit basis: 

  • organisations and associations pursuing the goal of bringing positive changes;

  • organisers of projects and events aimed at addressing women’s problems;

  • women activists, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs. 

Leave your contacts and we will give you more information about possible formats of information partnership.

Our motto is the following: “Share for the whole world to know!”

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