Patricia Teran Basso: Empowering Women in Ecuador

Patricia Teran Basso: Empowering Women in Ecuador

The parliamentarian took part in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

Patricia Teran Basso, an Ecuadorian politician, participated in the Second EWF. In her interview to the EWC, she told about the role of women in developing both Ecuador and the whole world and shared her impressions after the Forum.

Our interviewee worked as a political journalist for 30 years. Ecuadorian women’s empowerment has always remained a high priority in her activity. Ms. Teran Basso mentioned Ecuador has recently achieved greater progress in fighting for women’s rights compared to other Latin American countries. Thus, the country implemented a law granting equal gender representation in the Congress. 

Patricia Teran Basso considers gender pay gap one of the most pressing problems in many countries. On average, it is about 20%. 


According to our interviewee, now it is also essential to create more jobs for women while giving them the opportunity to combine work and family responsibilities. It is important, as female participation in country’s economy increases its GDP. 

The politician is sure: after achieving one goal, one has to immediately set a new one. Such large-scale events as the Second EWF make it possible to identify and discuss relevant issues while uniting concerned people for solving them. Besides, it is important for men to participate in women’s forums as well. 

“Women know what they want and what obstacles they face. To solve those problems, it is essential for men to be aware of them. Men have to stop being conservative and stop being guided by gender stereotypes.” 

Patricia Teran Basso is sure boys and girls have to be taught to work together while respecting and listening to one another. The politician added: “It is essential that our children have the possibility to grow up in a different, equal society”. 

Addressing women-participants of the Second EWF, Patricia Teran Basso wished them to be self-confident and use all the possibilities. She said: “A self-assured woman can always achieve success. The results of her work may even become better. Women just have to work together with men, without any competition”. The politician mentioned women-participants represented different countries, cultures, religions, and political beliefs. However, that did not prevent them from finding a common ground. They are a union. They all want the good and harmony to prevail. 

Anna Repina, Nikolay Boykov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov