Personnel for Digital Economy

Personnel for Digital Economy

About big project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives 

The Digital Equality in Modern World strategic session took place within the Role of Women in Developing Industrial Regions forum. The event was supported by Sberbank and Skolkovo Foundation. Elena Myakotnikova, Corporate Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, told about the Personnel for Digital Economy project paying attention to a gender aspect. 

Elena Myakotnikova - Corporate Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives autonomous non-profit organisation. 

Russia is one of the leaders in the sphere of digitalisation. It leads to appearance of new professions requiring certain skills and knowledge and high-level competencies. The state aims at an ambitious goal: to prepare a large number of personnel for IT sphere. Last year, over 25 thousand specialists graduated from universities. This year, that number is expected to increase almost two times up to 47 thousand. 


The Personnel for Digital Economy project plans to prepare 120 thousand professionals. Much attention is paid to involvement of women into IT sphere. 

Elena Myakotnikova reminded that the National Strategy for Women and the Digital Economy of the RF programme were established in 2017. The Agency for Strategic Initiatives actively participates in realising those documents and develops models of competencies for digital economy, competency profile, and personal trajectory of development. 

In different countries, they realise projects, within which grandsons teach their grandparents to use computers and internet while girls study programming with their moms (Mom Can Code or Let’s Code with mom projects). 


The Agency for Strategic initiatives adopts best world practices studies the most effective formats of education used in the past. 

Special attention is paid to professional trajectory of development. Today after graduating a person receives a diploma proving that he or she possesses certain skills as all other specialists in that sphere. 

“In turn, we think that nowadays there is a need in education programmes aligned with a certain person. Moreover, they should change and adapt to a student during the process of education”, thinks Elena Myakotnikova.

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The Agency is the founder of the University 20.35. It is one of the first Russian higher educational institutions providing professional development of a person in the digital economy. The University is oriented at preparing leaders of companies, participants of the National Technology initiative, and specialists working in new global markets. The University’s model provides for identifying personal trajectories of development. 

At the end of education, the specialist receives a digital competency profile instead of a standard diploma. 

In 2018, Vladivostok held the first intensive course Island 10-21 within the project. About 17 thousand people participated in it. 39% of them were women. 

However, there is still a certain polarisation of professions. For example, stereotypes that technological, engineering, and mathematical spheres fit only men. Elena Myakotnikova disagrees with that. 

Nowadays Elena has many children. She teaches her daughters to never limit themselves with stereotypes and build ‘digital boundaries’ for themselves. 

Elena Myakotnikova is sure that involvement of girls and women into the STEM sphere is needed only at starting levels. Then, it is important for them to continue playing on the same field with men under equal conditions. 

“Women should achieve success in this or that sphere not thanks to quotas and supporting programmes but with the help of their potential, hardworking, and intellect”, thinks Elena Myakotnikova. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin