Russian Women's Union for better future of the country

Russian Women's Union for better future of the country

On the 14th of February Russian Women's Union held a conference Interaction of Family, School, Councils of Women in Civil and Patriotic Education of the Younger Generation. 

Participants of the event discussed the existing country programmes and strategies in this area, as well as key vectors of development of family, school and women's councils on the example of successful projects in various regions of the Russian Federation. 


The meeting was opened by Olga Vasilyeva, the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. In her speech, she noted the importance of the role of women in the history of our country, stressed the importance of the work of teachers and psychologists in the development of the young generation, as well as encouraged women’s organizations to help in the preparation of the list of good books for children. "We absolutely stopped reading, and without this it is impossible to form a worthy man, – said the Minister. – We need to find the right books that children will read beginning in kindergarten." 


In addition, according to Olga Vasilyeva, mentors should work in schools. "It's a very respected teacher with a lot of life experience, who has worked for many years in school. He or she may have a small number of teaching hours, but it will be helpful for young teachers", – said the Minister. Olga urged to return to the system of teacher training, which, according to her, was destroyed. 


She also reported that she supported the project of the Russian popular front Free Club for Every Child and developed in the State Duma a bill on labor education students.


Another important problem was mentioned by Ekaterina Lakhova, Chairperson of Russian Women's Union. "In many families fathers don't participate in the education of children, have ceased to be their mentors. In this regard, starting from the experience in the regions recommendations for Father's Day were prepared. I hope that the new State Duma will support us in this, and in the near future in Russia there will be a new holiday at the Federal level", said the Senator. 


Ekaterina Lakhova is confident that Sense of Motherland begins with family relationships in relation to mother, father, and grandparents. “It starts even in the way parents read fairy tales to their child," said the Senator. That is why, according to her, the participants of the conference were concerned about the lack of a deliberate policy on the publication of children's literature in Russia. 


In this regard, particularly interesting was the report of Tatyana Zhukova, the President of the Association of School Librarians of the Russian World. In the opinion of the reporter, the main problem of the Russian people is not that children don't read, but that they grow in families that don't read. "If a child has seen since birth that mom is constantly reading, he or she will also be interested in this process, – the woman noted. – However, when you read to children, do not forget what to read (good literature) and how to read (intonation). It is very important." 


The conference also touched upon the topic of rural women and the environment, which are one of the leading directions of development of the Russian Federation. 


The most useful from a practical point of view and exciting part of the event was presented by the experience of successful projects in different regions of our country. Attention of participants was attracted by the speech of Galina Terentyeva from the Irkutsk region, Olga Zaitseva from Chuvashia, Nadezhda Remnyova from the Altai, Olga Besedina of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Marina Salnikova from the Kursk region. The report of each of them was filled with endless love for their work, people and homeland. Look at them and realize: this is what keeps our country - honest and open people, always ready to help our neighbors. 


The meeting was very friendly. Even after the end of the conference, the women did not disperse. They approached each other, made acquaintances, exchanged contacts and left the event real friends with a common purpose – to create a prosperous future for our Motherland, for Russia.

Albina Gerasimova, news agency of Eurasian Women's Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin