Sarah Harder: “A Particular and Respectful Attitude Is the Key to Mutual Understanding”

Sarah Harder: “A Particular and Respectful Attitude Is the Key to Mutual Understanding”

President of the National Peace Foundation shared about women empowerment practices within the framework of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

The EWF united about 1500 powerful women. Small victories led to their success stories: asserting their rights, implementation socially important projects on local levels, and promotion of equality ideas. Someone would consider those achievements insignificant but every successful step of our heroines made them feel confident and inspired other people’s brave deeds. All these victories together formed a wave of bright women’s stories and escalated to global proportions. The biography of Sarah Harder, President of the National Peace Foundation, is a notable example of this.

Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin showed interest to social activity in her childhood already.

Sarah has never been indifferent to other people’s problems. She was especially concerned about gender inequality in the sphere of education. 

Despite the policy of her University, she managed to provide women with a fortnight’s holiday due to their pregnancy. Having become the President of the American Association of University Women, she contributed to realisation of programmes for available and quality education for women. 

Her first visit to Russia happened in 1989. She already had a huge experience of working in the social sphere at that time. 

Our country attracted Sarah by a huge women’s leadership potential, which she had been developing for a long time within the framework of Open World experience exchange programme. 

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In 2006, she became the President of the National Peace Foundation and continued to contribute to realisation of projects empowering women in all spheres of activity. Sarah Harder visited the First EWF. This year she also took part in the big event in order to share the practices empowering women and it wasn’t an accident. Firstly, this fact proves effectiveness of such formats as open dialogue. Secondly, more and more influential people strive to unite for solving global issues. The forum became an excellent opportunity for productive discussion because there were no borders and statuses. 

“At the forum, I feel confidence coming from participants. There are many useful events that will give a good practical result and give start to many big projects.” 

Having been a launcher of the STEM project that is aimed at popularisation of mathematics among girls, she happily mentioned that women start being curious about electronics. 

“I was amazed by the amount of people on the United Nations Peace Day. I felt that people speaking there were sincere. I felt home here in Russia”. 

Sarah Harder has been actively engaged in community service in our country for more than 20 years. Thanks to her cooperation with Russian colleagues, now she has invaluable experience. Sarah Harder is sure that a particular and respective attitude is the key to mutual understanding. 

We cannot doubt Sarah’s words because her success story speaks for itself. 

Sukhrob Sharipov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin