Secrets of Successful Business by Alla Komissarova

Nowadays women in addition to being caring mothers and wives become professional businesswomen. They are full of enthusiasm and ideas and they really love what they do. Their business projects have amazing stories of creation and development. Entrepreneurship for women is not just a way to earn but also an opportunity to fulfil their cherished dreams.

Alla Komissarova, mother of three children, has two higher educations, she is experienced in working in banks and major companies. Once she decided to engage in sweets production. Now Alla is the owner of a chocolate studio called ‘La Princesse Choco’. It produces and sells handmade chocolates and other sweets made of natural ingredients.


It all started when Alla Komissarova decided to please her children with not only tasty, but also natural sweets that did not cause allergy. That is how she learned making sweets. She really loved this activity and decided to visit Europe to learn the secrets of chocolate business from famous professionals in that field. Having returned to Russia, Alla rented a tiny shop that did not require large financial costs and in the beginning of her business sold her sweets at fairs.

“Fairs and markets are a good format for entrepreneurial activity. It can be useful for those who have just opened their business. It is not that important how much you earn. The main thing is that people will notice you. I gave all those sweets I did not have time to sell to people for free. Moreover, I always offered my customers to taste them for free. It turned out even more effective than any advertisement. People came back and asked where they could buy my sweets. The product speaks for itself if it is made with love”, said Alla Komissarova.


In addition, fairs are a way to communicate with customers. It often wins customers’ respect and attention. Moreover, it is better for the one who creates these goods to speak about them.

According to Alla, the main secret of a successful entrepreneur is self-confidence.


“You should never be afraid. If you can do something better than others tell the others about it. It is important not to sit still, but act and say that you have not just an idea, but a project which is already implemented. If your product is really needed, then there will definitely be people to support your business”, she noted.

Talking about the creation of her project, Alla said that at first she was worried, working with orders for various companies. For her, chocolate has always been associated with all the colors of the rainbow because of its vivid taste and the ability to give only positive emotions. Despite this, she had to pack her chocolates and sweets in brown packs to please men, managers of serious organizations with their own point of view on this issue. Nevertheless, her business is oriented primarily on women.


According to Alla Komissarova, women have a special place in entrepreneurship. Opening their business, they pay much attention to employees and become not only their bosses but also understanding mentors.

“In our country women’s entrepreneurship is only starting. That is why it is now more challenging for women to make career in big and small business than for men.  However, thanks to their perseverance and desire to achieve success in business associated not only with beauty salons, clothes, sweets and needlework, women make success in men’s business as well. It concerns business related to computers, new technologies and machines”, she said.

Alla Komissarova, like many women entrepreneurs, opened her business not just to earn money. The main goal of her business is to bring benefit and joy to her loved ones and to everyone around her. This motivation is strong enough for her to cope with any difficulties. Talking to Alla was a pleasure for the EWC journalists. Such people can literally infect others with their positive energy and kindness they invest in their business projects. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov