Stories About Russia Told on Silk

Stories About Russia Told on Silk

About business with cultural values 

The 66th FCEM World Congress gathered women entrepreneurs from 40 countries in Moscow. Many of them presented their business projects within the framework of the event. Surely, businesswomen represented not only their brands but also countries they came from. Irina Batkova told about her brand named Sirinbird. She shares wonderful stories about Russia with the world with the help of silk scarfs and accessories. 

Irina Batkova  - Designer and founder of Sirinbird brand 

Scarf is the way of telling the whole story for Irina Batkova. “This is like art, which you can bring with you. In this regard, the picture is far from the viewer. You have to go to it to embrace its spirit. The scarf and the applied art in turn are something that reconciles us with reality and makes the world around us more balanced”, explains the designer. 


Every scarf is a multi-layer story, in which design is only the upper layer of the story. From authentic ornaments of the Russian wooden architecture to unique cultural legacy of the Amur. Irina tells about nature and first human’s spaceflight and shares legends, fairy-tales, and folk tales of the nations living in Russia with the help of ornaments, patterns, and stylistics on the silk canvases. 

Irina is sure that women entrepreneurs always give all their hearts in their businesses. It is important for them to not only find a way of earnings but also share their values with the whole world and make the lives of surrounding people better. Irina herself loves her country much and aims to share her love with other people by means of art. 

“Initially, I wanted to create something bigger and not be limited by common approach to accessories: I wanted to tell stories about our wonderful world. To tell them in a way that they help learn or remember something important and notice a beautiful world we all belong to”. 

The idea of creating scarfs with stories about Russia came to Irina during her travelling abroad. At the time, she was looking for a present with cultural thematic of the country for her friends. She wanted it to be a practical item instead of souvenir. It turned out that there were few brands producing items with Russian thematic. Then Irina decided to create her own brand. Sirin, a bird with a charming voice from Russian legends, became its symbol. Now, she sings silk songs. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin