Suwannee Sirivejchapun: Saying No to Violence

Suwannee Sirivejchapun: Saying No to Violence

Thai politician participated in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

Women from around the world took part in the Second EWF. Among them were politicians from different countries. They shared their experience of actualising various projects aimed at improving the lives of people in their countries. Suwannee Sirivejchapun, a politician from Thailand, was among the participants of the Forum. In her interview to the EWC journalists, she shared about one of her main projects that she has been working on with her colleagues. 

Suwannee Sirivejchapun is the Vice-Chairperson of Standing Committee of the National Legislative Assembly of Thailand on Social Affairs, Children, Youth, Women, the Elderly, the Disabled and the Underprivileged. 

Ms. Sirivejchapun is now actively working on a project, which will eradicate violence against Thai women and children. There are different laws in Thailand regulating the matter. However, the issue is yet unsolved. According to the statistics, 90% of all victims of violence are women and girls.

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Suwannee Sirivejchapun and her colleagues encourage the youth to say no to violence. Today, Thailand has special programmes within various educational institutions, which help in convincing students of proper path. The politician explained: “In our opinion, there are two main parties: the victim of violence and the initiator of violence. The point of our programme is making the youth avoid both of them”. 

Within the project, girls learn to protect themselves in case of an attack, keep calm in emergency situations, etc. The school students are also interviewed to stop violence on their part. 

The approach to youth is diversified. Suwannee Sirivejchapun told that her country even has the song teaching to never give up. Thus, if a person became a victim of violence, they should stand up and move forward with the help of society. Special attention is paid to social media, as the youth uses it extensively. 

One of Thailand’s popular social media is called LINE. LINE held a contest for the best cartoon character to actually convince people of stopping violence. 

At the end of the interview, Suwannee Sirivejchapun mentioned men and women should tackle all the problems together. She said: “Everyone of us is good at something. The synergy of men’s and women’s strong points will let us greatly change our world to the better”. 

Anna Repina, Nikolay Gavrilov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov