The International Language of Kindness

The International Language of Kindness

The language of philanthropy is international. People, who work with it, understand each other no matter where they were born – they are united with a wish to give the good. So, the international forum "Women's Dialogue. Infinity Charity" held on the 17-18th of November in the Russian city of Ufa gathered more than 400 participants, among which were not only the senators from the Federation Council, State Duma members and the leaders of Russian philanthropy organisations and NGOs but also the delegates from other CIS countries, from Germany, Canada, Estonia, the USA, the UK, China and other SCO and BRICS countries. 


The president of Free State Women Agricultural Union Vanda Gagiano told us about the importance of different funds and NGOs in her country: “The philanthropy is well-developed in the RSA. That is connected with the fact that many people living in our country are unemployed and are in need of help. Philanthropic funds and organisations including ours help to change the lives of many people to the better which is very important for our country.”

Vanda’s organisation actualises various projects helping physically disadvantaged, elderly people and children. As a result of its actions many schoolchildren were provided with meals, many special houses for children of unemployed parents were created and many low-income families were provided with clothes. One of the projects is aimed at helping blind and shortsighted people. Several guide-dogs have already been trained. And that is not the full range of the good deeds which the organization has achieved. There are many spheres in which it works. Vanda supposes that in order to do so many good deeds you need to have a good team and a strong desire to help.


Vanda says: “Our organisation is not a philanthropic one. But we all have kind hearts and love what we do. Every one of us truly wants to help those in need. We work hard and effective to find the funders. The members of our team are striving to raise the funds to help people and do the good things. So our organisation exists only with the help of such non-indifferent people as we are.” 

The more people striving to help are able to unite, the more good deeds they can do. That is why Vanda tries to attract the attention of all the people around her to the problem of NGOs.


It is important to mention that Vanda Gagiano is a very positive, energetic and broad person. She talked to the participants of the forum and journalists with great joy. Vanda liked Russia very much and was strongly inspired by what she saw and heard. She told us that she was very happy about her invitation to the forum. Also the president of Free State Women Agricultural Union said that her plans are to develop the collaboration with Russian women’s movement and that she is ready to share the experience and exchange ideas.


Vanda Gagiano supposes that one can get maximum value from the philanthropy by developing the teamwork: “I like an expression of Mother Teresa which says that one person can’t change the whole world but he still can throw a rock in the river and many circles will appear on the water. Our goal is to start the movement, to assist the creation of a new process and to set a necessary direction. It means that by “throwing a rock in the river” we can manage a big deal. And, of course, it is essential for it to be aimed at making good deeds because the emotions and energy you get in return are unbelievable”.

Viktoriya Ezhova, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov