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Building connection one heart at a time

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The Eurasian Women's Community web-portal performs the function of the information agency of the Eurasian Women's Forum. Our internet platform has several sections: ‘News of the Forum’, ‘News of the Community’, ‘News from the senators’, ‘News from mass media’ alongside with ‘Women and Science’, ‘Women and Business’, ‘Women and Charity’, which help website users learn relevant information about how women unleash their potential in different spheres. The EWC journalists regularly provide online coverage of large all-Russian and international events related to women’s agenda. The most important news is translated into English to inform the global community about the activity of women organisations in Russia. 

News Archive of the Events: 

Big Annual Press Conference of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin 

20 December 2018, Moscow 

· Vladimir Putin About the Responsibility of Media

· Barbara Dietrich About Vladimir Putin’s Press Conference 

66th World Congress of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM) 

22-24 October 2018, Moscow 

· Women’s Influence: A New Oil

· What Is Common Between Business and Gymnastics? 

Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

19-21 September 2018, St. Petersburg 

· Programmes for Developing Women’s Entrepreneurship

· Eurasian Women’s Forum: On Women in the Development of Social Entrepreneurship

· Eurasian Women’s Forum: Top-Notch Discussion

· Mental Arithmetic Championship at the Eurasian Women’s Forum

· Digital Education for Girls and Women

· Irina Gekht Notes the Role of Rural Women in Country’s Development

· Young Environmentalists Appeal to Women Around the World

· From One Forum to Another

· An Explosion of Sensations

· Women and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

· Women are the Drivers of Change

· New UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador

· Women’s 20 Open Session

· Support for Mothers Means Investing in Human Capital

· The World Will Become Even Brighter

· Household Energy Management

· The World Needs Science, and Science Needs Women

· An Evening at the Planetarium

· Evgenia Brodskaya: “Say: ‘Business Is for Me!’”

· The Positive Energy of Young People

· Outcome Document of the Second EWF Has Been Published

· Governors of the World, Unite!

· ‘The Age of Digitalization: Equality of Opportunities’

· Second Eurasian Women’s Forum Ended With New Plans

· Second Eurasian Women's Forum Comes to a Close in St Petersburg

· Information as Air

· Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. The First Day. Photo Album

· The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum Prize

· Second EWF Isn’t Over for the EWC Readers. Photos of the Second Day

· Fumiko Hayashi: Men and Women Should Work Together

· Picturing the Best Moments: Photos of the Third Day of the Second EWF

· Parvaneh Salahshouri: Looking on the Bright Side

· Patricia Teran Basso: Empowering Women in Ecuador

· Gülden Türktan on the Second EWF and Gender Equality

· With Love to Russia

· Women’s Leadership in Mass Media to Give the World a Positive Impulse

· Nino Burjanadze: For Friendship Between Russia and Georgia

· International Participants' Comments on the Second EWF

· Clivia Koch: Career or Family? The Origins of Limited Choice

· Cuban Women’s Voices

· Valentina Matvienko Summed Up the Results of the Second EWF

· Sehar Kamran: Today’s Women Can Achieve Anything, Gender Is Not a Barrier

· Forum. Photos. Afterword. Aftertaste

· Sarah Harder: “A Particular and Respectful Attitude Is the Key to Mutual Understanding”

· “Eurasian Women’s Forum Is an Important Russian Initiative”

· Right Way to Do Charity Work

· Caroline Codsi: Does Canada Need Gender Quotas for Boards?

· Heartwarming Economy

· Purnima Anand: Russian Women Amaze Me

· Shirley Bahula-Ermias on the Second EWF

· Jiko Luveni: “Encouraging Men to Problems Solving”

· About Greening the Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

· Tatyana Chernigovskaya: Why Do We Need Maths?

· Vanda Gagiano on Women in Energy

· Elfi Klumpp: Girls and Women Are the New Talents in Digital Economy

· Future of the World Doesn’t Depend on Politicians Only

· “UAE Understands the Important Role of Women in Global Development”

· Women’s Empowerment in the Republic of Congo

· Second EWF: Impressions of Younger Participants

· Rwandan Experience in Women’s Empowerment

· Marie Therese Abena Ondoa at the Second EWF

· Suwannee Sirivejchapun: Saying No to Violence

· Moving Together and Preserving National Identity

· Marissa del Mar: From Philippines With Love

· Women’s Status in Bahrain

· Irina Vlah: “Gagauzia Challenges Gender Stereotypes”

· “Attitude Towards Homemakers Should Be Changed”

· Maja Gojković: “Women Do Not Add to Problems, They Solve Them”

· Helen Walbey: “Women Are the Blazing Light”

· Patricia Collins: Educating Women, Society, and the Whole World

· Kim Sunmyung, the Director of Pushkin House in South Korea

Mentor All-Russian Forum 

13-15 February 2018, Moscow 

· 2018 Mentor All-Russian Forum

· Svetlana Khorkina’s Mentors: Coaches, Parents, and the President

· Veronika Skvortsova About Main Qualities of Doctor

· Galina Semiya on Influencing Child’s Opinion

· Olga Vasilyeva: What Matters Most in Raising Children

· Anna Kuznetsova on Mentoring as Goal and Method

· Lubov Yeltsova About How to Help Adolescents Find Their Path in Life

· Mentoring in Rosatom

· Tatyana Gvilava: Business Advice for Women

· Marina Rakova on Kvantorium Mentors

· Anna Belova About How to Break Through the Glass Ceiling

 137th IPU Assembly 

14-18 October 2017, St. Petersburg 

· 137th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly

· On Increasing Role of Women in the World

· Internet Expanding the Opportunities of Women

· Gabriela Cuevas Barron: The New President of the IPU

· Cultural Dialogue

· Gabriela Cuevas Barron: The Woman Who Now Heads the IPU

· Saber Chowdhury on Women’s Role

· Jean Milligan: The World Parliament

· Inguna Sudraba: “Women in Latvia Are Completely Free”

· Irada Zeinalova on Journalism As a Craft

· Pakistani Women

· Image of Today’s Women in the World

· Namibia’s ‘Zebra Politics’

· Doris Soliz on Ecuadorian Women

· Women Must Realise They Can Do Everything

· Guyana: Women Take Third of Seats in Parliament

· Women of the Republic of Cabo Verde

· Lyudmila Bokova About Peaceful Cultural Cooperation

· Women’s Agenda in Portugal

· Nigeria For Equal Opportunities

· Talented and Hardworking Italian Women

· Michael Waters About the Status of Women in South Africa

· New Zealand: Competent Policy on Women

· Swiss Delegate About Women

· Dorris Dlakude About Women Society Builders

· Colombian Parliament’s Women Agenda

· Women’s Issue in Mauritius: From 1982 to Nowadays

· Narantuya Zagdhuu About Women of Mongolia

· Women in Liechtenstein

· Women’s Agenda in Iran

· Switzerland: No Women – No Peace

· Hortense Martins on Portuguese Women

· Image of Today’s Women in the World

· Slavenko Terzic: Women in Serbia Are Respected

· First Ever Woman Chairperson of Fijian Parliament

· Canadian Men and Women Are Just Equal

· Modern Korean Women

· Venezuelan Women

· Malawi: How to Overcome Poverty

· Moroccan Women: Politicians and Pilots

· Bangladesh: Patriarchy Evolves Into Equality

· Orla Hav on Danish Women

· Mourine Osoru: About Women and Youth

· Soulef Ksamtini on Women in Tunisia 

First International Congress of Women of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS Countries 

3-4 July 2017, Novosibirsk 

· Women Reconsidered

· Men Would Lose Their Wits Doing That

· Valentina Matvienko Visits Novosibirsk

· On the Way to Peace And Prosperity

· Women’s Wisdom in Diplomacy

· What Prevents Women From Self-Actualization

· Intellectual Lustre

· The Growing Social Role of Women

· Energy of Entrepreneurship

· Benefit of BRICS Web Portal

· Driver of Economic Upturn

· Svetlana Kurchenko is a Worldclass Mommy

· Women’s Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan

· How India Overcomes Patriarchy 

Second Forum of Social Innovation of Regions 

8-9 June 2017, Krasnogorsk 

· The Second Forum of Social Innovation of Regions

· Contest of Presidential Grants

· ASI Director About Social Entrepreneurship 

'Russia – EU: Dialogue on Social Partnership and CSR’ Conference 

22 May 2017, Moscow 

· What Was at the Conference “Russia – EU: Dialogue on Partnership and CSR”

· Business and Socially Responsible Journalism 

Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA) 2017 festival 

22-23 April 2017 Moscow 

· Architecture as Science and Art

· About Tsvetaeva’s Poetry and Art Calvary 

Meeting of Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of the Federation Council, with women scientists on the topic ‘Open Dialogue With Women Scientists’ 

13 April 2017 Moscow 

· Science and Culture Have Always Been Together

· Important Facts About Intellectual Property

· Interview with Tatyana Chernigovskaya 

Business breakfast organised by SKOLKOVO Women Association 

22 March 2017, Moscow 

· Natalia Avdeenko’s Live Cuisine

· 3D-Fashion or Future Without Shops

· Iron Businesswoman 

Awarding Ceremony of the Eurasian Women’s Forum Prize ‘Public Recognition: Woman of The Year 2016’ 

7 March 2017, Moscow 

· Women of The Year 2016

· A Heroine of Our Time

· Dancing From Heart to Heart 

'Women Entrepreneurs of Moscow’ Meeting 

2 March 2017, Moscow 

· Natalia Karpovich on Women Promoting the History of Russia’s Culture

· Spring Bouquet of Business Projects 

28th Congress of the Association of Farmers’ Holdings and Agricultural Cooperations of Russia (AKKOR) 

16 February 2017, Moscow 

· In a Harmony With a Village 

‘Interaction of Family, School, Councils of Women in Civil and Patriotic Education of the Younger Generation’ Conference 

14 February 2017, Moscow 

· How to Infect Children With Reading

· Family is the Future of Russia

· Russian Women’s Union for Better Future of the Country 

‘International Forum ‘Women for Uniting Creative Forces for the Sake of Peace’ Russian-Belarus Forum 

8 December 2016, Moscow 

· International Forum ‘Women for Uniting Creative Forces for the Sake of Peace’ 

‘International Cooperation of Government Bodies and Civil Society Organizations in Women and Children Healthcare’ Roundtable 

25 November 2016, Moscow 

· Women Doctors Save the World

· Women Doctors Bring Changes 

‘Women's Dialogue. Infinity Charity’ International Forum 

17-18 November 2016, Ufa 

· In the Heart of Charity

· Sarah Harder: “It Is Very Important for a Woman to be Flexible In Terms of Our Constantly Changing Reality”

· Communication Is the Basis of Charity

· Let’s Say “Thanks” to Volunteers!

· The International Language of Kindness

· Risk Card

· Charity as a Way of Life

· Charity Unites Countries

· Miraculous Charity Stories

· The Best Gift for Children Is a Smile!

· Excursion to the Centre of Kindness and Happiness 

Meeting of the Chairperson of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko With Women Entrepreneurs 

28 October 2016, Moscow 

· Business in Which Money Doesn’t Play the Main Role

· Women’s Entrepreneurship: Economy’s Growth Point

· Features of the Women’s Entrepreneurship

· Chocolate Business

· Mother Inventor 

Live Coverage Archive:

· International Forum «Women for Uniting Creative Forces for the Sake of Peace»
(8 December 2016, Moscow)

· International Congress of Associations of Women-Doctors of Central Europe
(24-25 November 2016, Moscow)

· International forum ‘Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity.’
(18 November 2016, Ufa)

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