Vanda Gagiano on Women in Energy

Vanda Gagiano on Women in Energy

The President of Free State Women Agricultural Union at the Second EWF 

Vanda Gagiano, the Honorary President of Women Agricultural Union in Free State province of South Africa, participated in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. There she focused on the topics of ‘Women for Energy of the Future’ and ‘Women Tackling Climate Change’. 

Ms. Gagiano is sure women can substantially contribute to addressing climate change. They and their families are at the forefront of experiencing the consequences of environmental disasters, which are famine, heat, and drought. Women play an important role in energy as well. As homemakers, they make up the majority of energy consumers. The sources they use influence the environmental situation in their regions, countries, and the whole world.

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In rural areas of some countries, women still have to gather fuel for farming. It has a negative impact on their health while taking much time and effort. According to Vanda Gagiano, electrifying rural settlements and using eco-friendly energy sources will both be beneficial to environment and help women unleash their potential. Women will have more time and energy to do what they like. They will get an opportunity to work alongside men and contribute to economic development. 

Ms. Gagiano highlighted women pay special attention to environmental problems while actively developing clean energy. Women are on the board and staff levels of leading companies producing solar panels. Moreover, South African women are at the helm of topical research in the number of regions. They design eco-friendly energy sources. 

Vanda Gagiano expressed her gratitude to all the organisers of the Second EWF for providing women from around the globe an opportunity to discuss relevant issues, speak, and most importantly, to be heard. 

Ms. Gagiano supposes: “Whenever women unite and are being heard, we can really change something in this world. It is essential for women to gather and for the world to notice us”. 

Anna Repina, Nikolay Boykov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community