Women in the Digital Era

Women in the Digital Era

Olga Miler spoke at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

Olga Miler develops innovative ideas in the sphere of financial service. One of her main goals is teaching women to manage their finance wisely. She told about role of women in the sphere of economy in the digital era within the framework of the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. 

Olga Miler is an award-winning innovator, her latest position was managing director at UBS Wealth Management, Switzerland. 

Olga Miler mentioned that new technologies rapidly develop in the modern world. New technologies are often biased. For example, voice assistants such as Alexa or Echo often have female voice. However, according to Olga, we should strive to mitigate bias in technology, especially AI. 

Investments play a great role in the development of women’s potential in the digital era. Outside of Russia, there technology is still a men dominated field, despite the fact that female entrepreneurs achieve excellent results. 

Olga thinks that investors should pay more attention to companies headed by women. Moreover, it is important to test innovations on both men and women. 

Olga paid special attention to the role of state and society in the development of women’s potential. She suggested launching more projects and programmes aimed at involving more women into technology and teaching them mathematics and physics. Both state and society should realise the great importance of women in the development of modern technologies, both, as developers as well as consumers. 

Nowadays we have many examples of women who successfully realise their potential in the developing of new technologies. Thus, women developed iTunes, Google AdWords and some other such tools. 

Olga Miler is sure that digital era provides many opportunities for women in economy. Many useful tools and services make activity in this sphere much easier. However, we still have much to do for providing perfect gender balance. 

Olga Miler as an executive strives to reach approximately equal representation of men and women in her team. 

According to statistics, versatility of opinions leads to better decision making, risk mitigation and increased innovation. Gender-diverse companies get better incomes. 

“Men and women make decisions differently. Women more often pay attention to not only financial dimension but also society’s interests. They also apply creative approach. I think we need men and women, the old and the young to achieve something remarkable”, says Olga. 

Ms. Miler shared that the Second EWF gave her a great deal of positive emotions. She met many interesting people and made useful business contacts. She was especially inspired by Russian women who stand out with their energy, positive thinking, fortitude, and aspiration to do good. 

“I think it is right to always look on the bright side, see opportunities and seize them. It is important to communicate in a positive manner in order to achieve great results. So we did at the Second EWF”, concluded Olga. 

Anna Repina, Nikolay Gavrilov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin