Women Influence Forum in Moscow

Women Influence Forum in Moscow

Powerful women for development of the world 

The Women Influence Community project is aimed at studying women’s influence as a resource that is to be used for development of the world. Russia and other countries regularly hold meetings of the community’s participants. Women share success stories and tell about difficulties they have overcome and how have they found the ways out to escape difficult life situations. The women Influence Forum took place in Moscow in March. 

The forum’s programme included six equal panels related to the main ways of women’s influence: Professional, Mother, Citizen, Muse, Creator, and Entrepreneur. Each session involved eminent in this or that sphere women who shared their stories. 


Marina Volynkina, Head of the Eurasian Women’s Community, was the supervisor of the Being a Citizen platform. Within that session, the participants discussed how women could change the society and make the world a better place with the help of their initiatives, realisation of volunteer projects or public activity. 


Elena Rechkalova, leader of the Women on Boards movement, presented results of research related to the realisation of potential of women taking senior positions. According to her, women have many opportunities and possess enough knowledge and competencies for career growth. The main factor preventing them from doing it is their lack of self-confidence. 

Elena considers promoting women to senior positions her mission. She is sure that it will contribute to sustainable development of Russia and the whole world. 


Anna Khryastunova, Member of the Civil Chamber of the Vologda Oblast, shared her story. She is a person with disabilities but she managed to overcome all difficulties, receive good education, achieve success in career, and establish a public organisation aimed at helping people with disadvantages. 


Maria Yolanda C. Crisanto, senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability officer of Globe Telecom, worried about often-registered cases of suicide in her country. According to the speaker, nowadays the programme aimed at solving that problem is realised with her involvement. 

The Equality of Opportunities Fund was presented by its president Elena Ulyanova. 


She mentioned that it was important to form a society that would respect and appreciate differences between people and actively oppose any discrimination and prejudice. 

Women are always concerned about problems of other people. They know how to help those who need it and put every effort to do so. The stories of women who spoke at the Being a Citizen session were the bright examples of that. 

Founder of the community Yanina Dubeykovskaya is a philosopher, mother of three children, and true altruist. 

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According to her, the Women Influence Forum has volunteer and missionary goals. Its business model is non-profit. Solving social problems is the main goal of such meetings. 

Yanina is sure that it is necessary to unite powerful women for their authenticity is a source of great power. 

“Speaking about influence we rely on qualitative indicators instead of quantitative assessment. Those are values women create, develop, and apply now for the benefit of future. The levels of influence are not equal to rank or status”, thinks Yanina. 

According to her, the philosophy of society and a new approach complete already existing agenda on gender equality and give women an opportunity to fully develop their unique potential. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin