Women of The Year 2016

Women of The Year 2016

On the 7th March 2017 Valentina Matvienko, chairperson of The Federation Council (FC) greeted the participants of the award ceremony of Eurasian Women’s Forum called “Social Recognition: Woman of The Year 2016”. During her speech Mrs. Matvienko underlined that the award is designed for women who provided for socioeconomic development of Russia. She also congratulated participants on the International Women’s day and said that women achieved success in various spheres of social life. According to Matvienko, more than 72% of Russian civil servants are women, 4 of them are governors and 8 of them chair local legislative assemblies. She also pointed out in her speech that “It is common for our times that more and more women hold leading roles in economic sphere of our country. More than 50% of financial directors are women”.


The FC Chairman told the participants that the report on women’s role in modern Russia was presented to Vladimir Putin. He, in his turn, supported a suggestion of women’s empowerment in social, economic and political life. As a result, the National Female Strategy was designed which will hopefully be launched by the 8th March 2018.

Female agenda became an essential part of the FC’s activity after the Eurasian Women’s Forum 2015. Valentina Matvienko said that “These days women-senators contribute to the development of international cooperation”.


Thus, discussions on women were held during the First APEC Women-Parlamentarians Meeting, WIP Global Forum, Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, Women-Parliamentarians Forum of Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Countries and many other international discussion platforms. Moreover, the working party of the Eurasian Women’s Forum created a catalogue of more than 2000 female NGOs.


The first Eurasian Women’s Forum resulted in designing 9 ongoing projects. They are Rural Areas’ Sustainable Development; Regional Female NGOs’ Collaboration; Saving Mom’s Life Project; STEM - Educational Platform For Women; The international forum “Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity”; “Women’s Sports: Uniform Rules”; the support for women-entrepreneurs and women-top managers; and the website called Eurasian Women’s Community. Valentina Matvienko also pointed out that all these projects are international. According to her, the award called Social Recognition was established during the Eurasian Women’s Forum 2015. The first 10 winners got it the same year. A Russian analogue for that award is “Social Recognition: Woman of The Year”.


Rosa Gatina, Ph.D. in chemistry, the director of State Research and Development Institute of chemical products, member of Women’s Council of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation won the award in the category of Science and Industrial Capacity. She is the only woman-director of the Institute in more than 70 years.

Mrs. Matvienko awarded Natalia Kasperskaya, CEO of InfoWatch Group, Kaspersky Lab co-founder in the category of High Tech And Information Security.


In the category of Culture and Intellectual Development the FC Chairman awarded a member of State Duma, Russian journalist Elena Yampolskaya. In her opinion, cultural development is our societies’ on of the most important feature.


The category called “Made in Russia. Russian goods’ export development” also found its winner. The founder of Sfera Company Elisaveta Fedoseeva won the prize there. Her goal is creating Russian spices production.


Valentina Matvienko also awarded Zuhra Ismagilova, the CEO of Bashkir enterprise Agidel in the category of Conservation of the Traditions. She revived the arts of carpet weaving and felting in Russia. Zuhra Ismagilova thanked Mrs. Matvienko and gifted her a handmade musical box.


In the category called A Job to Save Lives Natalia Baranova, hospital administrator of the Centre of Medical Aviation in the Russian Centre of Emergency Medicine called Zashita was awarded. She helped to relieve to consequences of North Caucasus armed conflicts, terrorist attacks in Beslan and many other disasters.


Ilze Liepa, a famous Russian ballet dancer, founder of charity foundation on assistance to development of choreographic and fine arts Children’s Culture became a winner in the Infinity Charity category. She thanked Valentina Matvienko for the assistance and the prize.


Also during the award ceremony two letters of appreciation were presented to Minister of Health of Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova and director of the State Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova.


After the ceremony Marina Volynkina, the executive director of the Eurasian Women’s Community, gave a report on the success of the website over the past half a year. The website already has 12 sections dedicated to women working in the spheres of science, innovations, environmental protection, philanthropy, agriculture, business and politics. Thus the Eurasian Women’s Community has news sections on international community and Eurasian Women’s Forum current events. She highlighted that “we are working on the new image of Russian women in Russia and in the whole world”. Mrs. Matvienko thanked Marina Volynkina and the news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community for such an efficient work.


The FC Chairman concluded the ceremony with the following words: “Dear women! Let spring enforce you. I wish you major creative and professional success and happiness!”

Polina Danilova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov