Women’s Empowerment in the Republic of Congo

Women’s Empowerment in the Republic of Congo

Emilienne Gombouka née Emboula at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum 

The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum brought together over 1500 women from all over the world. Our journalists interviewed the participants and found out about their activities, vision of women’s role in their countries, and impressions of the Forum. Ms. Emilienne Gombouka née Emboula told us about the current situation in the Republic of Congo. 

Emilienne Gombouka née Emboula is the Director General of the Ministry for the Promotion of Women and the Integration of Women in Development in the Republic of Congo. 

According to the speaker, the Republic of Congo carries out considerable work aimed at achieving gender equality. However, much still needs to be done. 

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In her activity, Ms. Gombouka née Emboula pays much attention to promotion of women to managerial positions and their economic empowerment. 

According to our interviewee, the Eurasian Women’s Forum provided women from all over the world with a unique opportunity to exchange experience and jointly work out the solutions of the existing problems. 

“It was important for me to find out about projects and programmes on gender equality implemented by Russia and other countries”, she said.

Emilienne Gombouka née Emboula paid much attention to the Forum’s topics related to entrepreneurship and social progress. She was especially inspired by the EWF participants who demonstrated how huge the role of women is in the modern world. They sincerely strive to help people around and solve global challenges of the humanity. To do that, women are ready to work as hard as they can. According to our interviewee, it is essential that society has respectfully approaches and supports women and the latter keep on moving forward. Thus, they will be able to achieve a lot. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov