Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Peace and Justice – Chance and Responsibility

Anna Wolf on the meeting of the Peace 50 community
Peace and Justice – Chance and Responsibility

The Summer Peace Summit is a global meeting of the Peace 50 community’s members. They are influential women focusing their efforts on establishing intercultural cooperation and addressing socially important issues. This year, Anna Wolf co-moderated the Summit. In her professional activity, Ms. Wolf pays much attention to strengthening international relations, promoting civil dialogue between Russia and Europe, and implementing social projects. That is why she took part in organising and conducting the Summer Peace Summit with great interest and sincere non-indifference.

Анна-ВольфT.jpg Anna Wolf
analyst at the Ifo Institute for Economic Research Munich, aide to the former President of the German Parliament Dr. Wolfgang Thierse

When talking about peace, people usually mean the absence of war and peaceful collaboration across borders. Anna Wolf agrees with that partially. According to her, the Summer Peace Summit bringing together concerned, wise, and influential women from different countries demonstrated that we must understand peace much more profoundly. 

Peace is internal and external harmony, justice, understanding among people, and unconditional love. Those were the values discussed by the speakers at the Summer Peace Summit.


The pandemic that spread all over the planet helped humanity rethink many concepts. Being in the forced self-isolation made people understand the importance of sincere face-to-face communication. After the closure of the borders of countries, it became apparent that collaboration was an integral part of the world’s development. 

Many other problems that had existed and progressed even before the pandemic were brought to the light. However, the crisis enforced their contrast many times. The pandemic made people see the existing inequality clearer. Those who are privileged got by far the better chances to get through this crisis. 


“The pandemic is just a painful reminder, that our world is still a world of segregation. This inequality has historical roots, which reach far back into the history of humankind, into times when people lived in a world of shortage, when they fought for resources in order to survive, when being superior to others increased the chances of the own survival and that of the offspring. But we must rethink our history. It’s only by examining where and when we were wrong that we are able to move into a future of right and justice”, believes Anna Wolf. 

“Today, we do not live in a world of shortage anymore. We live in a world of abundance. We must not fight for resources anymore. We must make them accessible to every person equally. That’s the only way to fulfil our potential and focus all our efforts on making the world a better place.” 

“Today’s summit did also remind that to belong to a privileged group, to have a good education, to have skills and gifts, to be born in a good family, to grow up in good neighborhood, or a peaceful country is not a matter of choice, but it is, literally, a matter of chance. It is a chance and responsibility to change the system of injustice, because it will make the world not just nicer, it will make it safer for everybody”, emphasized Anna Wolf during the presentation of her report.


Within the Summer Peace Summit, women from worldwide discussed the ways to contribute to peace and development of the world, exchanged their experience and ideas, and looked for solutions to pressing problems. 

Sharing their own experience, the Peace 50 members told about the ways to fulfil women’s potential and efficient application of soft power at different levels from working on themselves and their vision of the world to the fulfilment of major social projects.


Anna Wolf knew many of the speakers from the First Summer Peace Summit taking place in Belgium in 2019. That is why, as a moderator, she managed to not only list the key achievements and activities of the speakers but also reveal each participant as a personality. That contributed greatly to the warm and family-like atmosphere of the event. 

“Development and preservation of peace is a responsibility of everyone. We should understand that we must act jointly, not separately. And I am sure that standing together, our voice will become louder and will be heard”. 


This year, the Summer Peace Summit took place in online format. The event brought together women from 16 countries in different time zones. Participants of the Summit were divided by hours and kilometres but that didn’t prevent them from uniting to look for the solutions to global tasks. 

As a moderator of the event, Anna Wolf expressed her gratitude to all the speakers. As emphasized by the expert, the Peace 50 community will continue its work after the Summit because the preservation of peace and development of the world is an ongoing and difficult but creative and necessary work. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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