Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Language as a Tool for Preservation of Peace

On communication based on human values
Language as a Tool for Preservation of Peace

Tatiana Markova, business interpreter, co-founder of the Online Academy of English, and lecturer with 15 years of working experience, became one of the new speakers at the Summer Peace Summit 2020. As an expert in linguistics, Ms. Markova believes that language is a powerful tool that must be used to bring people together and establish intercultural bridges. In her report at the Summit, the speaker told about how people from different countries can find a common ground and why women can contribute greatly to international communication.

Markova_T2.jpg Tatiana Markova
co-founder of the Online Academy of English international company

A language is a system of signs for information exchange. It is a social product of the ability to speak. At the same time, the ability to speak and to communicate is a real gift for humanity. As soon as speech appeared, people started communicating with one another, forming communities and establishing interaction. The language became a bridge among whole countries and peoples.

Tatiana Markova believes, it is possible to communicate using not only words. A person can convey a much more accurate message through his or her actions and attitude to other people and the world around him or her.


“We, women from different cultures, from different countries of the world speaking different languages must learn to speak, to respect each other, and to unite to solve global problems”, believes Ms. Markova.

People speak different languages but the understanding of peace should be the same for all people on our planet. After all, people have just one sky for everyone. According to Tatiana Markova, women have special soft power, the ability to feel and understand people around them. They are able to teach the whole world to speak the same language.

“We must show that by joining together we can find solutions and create harmony. We can do this by establishing and maintaining intercultural communication and supporting dialogue crucial for the times of misunderstanding”, emphasized Tatiana Markova.


The language can and must become not only a communication tool but also a tool for the preservation of peace.

According to the expert, modern schools must not only require foreign language study but also must start to fill the content of all disciplines with appreciation and respect, love for people from different countries. Competent lecturers with their hearts in the right place are necessary for that. Tatiana Markova believes, it is important to learn to not only read and speak but also establish relations with other people based on kindness and empathy.


“Mutual respect and knowledge of important aspects of culture and history are necessary. Really knowing and respecting the culture of another country and communicating with representatives of another culture – this is the bridge to great understanding around the world, this is our path to dialogue based on universal human values”.

The speaker referred to an example from the Bible. According to it, God first created people who all spoke the same language but so that they might live in peace and harmony. But as mankind ceased to obey the commandments of God, the Lord endowed people with different languages scattering them across the Earth. People again needed to learn how to find a common language for communication.


“This common language may change. Today, this Summit is in English. English functions as a tool for sharing ideas and solutions. It’s a communication tool. When there’s communication, there’s dialogue. If the dialogue is accompanied by mutual respect and support as we see here today, constructive changes are possible and peace is possible”, says Tatiana Markova.

The expert emphasized that the modern world affected by the pandemic is in a difficult situation. COVID-19 revealed many problems that had been taking root in society years and even centuries continued ago. Today, women can make a great contribution to resolving the crisis. They can teach people to negotiate reminding the world about the importance of a single understanding of peace and conscious approach to it.

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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